The skin of a baby is very delicate and vulnerable to the absorption of chemicals that can be toxic, causing all kinds of allergies and reactions. That is why it is essential that the products for the care of your baby skin do not contain dyes or preservatives. Below are some tips when choosing baby skin care products:

Shampoo: The baby does not need to use shampoo until the year, so it suffices to apply the neutral soap used for his bath on his scarce hair. After that, you can use the shampoos indicated for babies.

Wet towels:  During the first month you can bathe the baby only with water and use wet wipes for the head. That way you will avoid irritations on the skin of the newborn without damaging its natural protective layer. You can also use them when you are away from home when changing diapers. Of course, use those that have aloe, chamomile or calendula, which are soothing ingredients and avoid irritation.

Gel: Must be with neutral PH and bought in places that sell best baby skin care products. If it is supplemented with almond moisturizing oil, much better.

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Colonies: You should always choose one without alcohol to prevent your skin from drying out. Remember not to apply directly to the skin or head, but only on clothes and hair.

Talcum powder: Some pediatricians do not agree to use talcum powder for several reasons. Among them, because it can be dangerous if it is inhaled by the baby, because some contain fragrances that can create allergies or irritations and because it can dry the skin. When in doubt, it is best not to use it.

Moisturizing cream: It is important to apply the cream after bathing. And it protects your delicate skin from external aggressions such as cold or wind. Always buy best baby skin care products in India

Care for the sun: Children under 6 months should not be exposed to the sun or use sunscreen creams for risk of allergies. However, beyond that age, even if they are not directly exposed to lightning, they should be treated with a sunscreen with a physical filter. That is, those that contain mineral filters, which are inert substances that have nothing to do with photochemical reactions and are well tolerated by sensitive skins.

  • The skin of the smallest ones has few melanocytes that protect it, so the recommendation is to avoid the sun exposure of children before six months.
  • You should not put sunscreen on babies before six months, so protection must be total, that is, keep the baby in the shade in the middle of the day, go for a walk with canopy or umbrella in the stroller and if you are in arms or in a baby carrier, avoid direct sunlight.
  • After six months you can apply the cream or solar emulsion with a protection factor of 50, but also avoids exposing the baby in the most intense hours of sun.