If you are an animal lover, you would know what it means to lose a pet. Many people have such association with their pets that they become an integral part of their lives. That is why the death of one can be a devastating experience. At such a moment, what one wants more than anything is to pay a proper tribute to one’s pet, honoring it for all the love and joy that it brought to their life? While some people prefer to bury their pet using the perfect pet headstone/memorial, others may choose to cremate it. In either case, you would want to mark its significance in your life through a memorial headstone or marker that reflects your adoration towards your pet.

Choosing the Perfect Pet Memorial Marker

There are many elements to consider when choosing the perfect pet memorial marker as the options available are endless. From size to shape, from material to design, clients have the freedom to make their pet memorial marker as personalized as they want. However, even non-customized options come in a wide range of variety, respectfully honoring your pet and its role in your life. They come with some standard engravings that may voice emotions common among the aggrieved, making them the quick and easy choice for a garden or yard marker. These are especially convenient if you only need one as a memorial marker and not as a particular grave marker, for which you would need some customization like the name of your pet, dates etc.

Size of Pet Headstone

When it comes to customization, size is a big factor. The size and shape of your pet headstones will also affect the engraving, both in design and text, which you can get done on your marker. Pet cemeteries also have their own guidelines in this regard.

Marker Placement

How you intend to place the marker is also an important aspect to consider when choosing a memorial stone. Whether you intend to lay it flat on the ground or stand it upright or lay it in some other position, will affect the shape and thickness of the marker.

Engraving Message on Marker

Today sandblasting, etching and laser engraving is done to add text and design to markers. When it comes to this stage, customization allows you the freedom to choose any text, in any style to be engraved on the marker. Not just that, you can also get your pet’s photo engraved on the marker, making it all the more special for you. The basic text typically includes the name of the pet and dates, along with a small quote or prayer.

Choosing the Material

To choose material for your pet grave marker, you can pick from a variety of options such as black and grey granite, bluestone, river rock, Whitestone and many more. All these come with the added feature of weather resistance and durability, making them perfect for outdoor environment, able to sustain all kinds of weather intensity.

With so many available options, it does make it difficult to make the perfect choice to memorialize your pet. While there is freedom to explore and experiment endlessly in this matter, time and money are also important factors to consider when picking a pet memorial marker or a headstone. At the end of the day, your intent is to mark the death of a dear companion with whom you celebrated life!