Best Animation and VFX Institute in India

India is one of the major outsourcing hubs for animations and VFX movies. Therefore, there is an increased demand for skilled professionals in this field. This has caused an increase in the number to institutions that offer 3d animation courses and virtual effects courses. If you have decided that your career is going to be in this field, the next challenge is to obtain the right kind of skills by getting trained in the best institution.

Choosing one institution from many ways be overwhelming and this is where we are trying to help. Read on to find out the important parameters that you can keep in mind to choose the best 3D animation training institute that there is.

Well Established Institution:

The institution that offers animation and VFX courses should be well established and connected to the industry. Some key points that you can look out for are they should be genuine, they should have good infrastructure in terms of software, hardware, they should have done pioneering work, the institution should have their own studio setup, be able to use a green screen and other top-quality equipment. Also, make sure that they allow the students to access and use all of these facilities.

Faculty and Teaching Methodology:

3D animation courses and virtual effects courses require the student to have a thorough grasp of theory as well as an immense amount of practice to become good at it. Therefore it is necessary to get your teaching from expert faculty who are exposed to the latest developments and trends in the animation industry. They should be able to tell you where you have to improve in your work.

The teaching methodology is also important. That you are allowed to build a portfolio while you are training yourself on VFX courses is a good thing. If your portfolio is strong, it is easier to land a job in a reputed animation studio.

The faculty should allow students to use the latest industry techniques and software. Along with these, the institution should train the students in presentation, communication and soft skills that will give them a better edge during interviews.

Get Reviews from Alumni:

Before you pick an institution that offers training in 3D animation course, it is best that you meet the students that currently study in the institution or the alumni that have already graduated from the training school. Finding out what they feel about the course on offer, the facilities, and how they have fared after leaving the institution are all important. Answers to these questions are likely to reveal whether you are picking up the right institution or not.

Internships, Field Trips, and Job Placements:

It is of utmost importance that your 3D animation training course takes you on field visits to famous animation studios. This is done to help the students get more exposure to what exactly happens in the industry. Ensure that field trips are part of the course.

It is best for the students to do internships in reputed studios. This will make it easier for them to get a job. The 3D animation and VFX courses should be replete with guest lectures from animators of repute.

As far as placements are concerned, it is a good idea to probe as to the connections and tie-ups with the training institution and how many of the alumni are in the animation field after graduation.

Wrapping up it is a good idea to visit the 3D animation training institution in person to ascertain things for yourself.