What is the best hospital management software? Well, it is a set of services which helps create a unified work system of all medical departments, right from therapeutic to dental. Best hospital management software should meet all the needs of a healthcare facility on the whole and combine the corporate work of all the medical specialists.

Well, to build the best hospital automation software, hospital management ERP companies should consider the interests of all the potential users. And all the potential users can be segregated into three main categories like:

  • Patients
  • Hospital Staff
  • Hospital Authorities

So let us find out the services that can be automated for each of the user group.

Hospital Services Automation

Today patients require professional medical care with quality service. In order to enhance the level of customer experience with the help of hospital management software, it becomes viable to:

  • Set up automated incoming calls from clients. Information regarding the visiting hours can be displayed on the clinic website and it will enable patients to choose a convenient time and book an appointment accordingly.
  • Send text messages and voice messages to remind patients about their time of appointment.
  • Automating the process of filling medical records and speeding up the registration process of patients.

Hospital management software will enable doctors to devote more time to their patients without any physical documentation.

Accounting System of the Hospital

Well, it comprises of three primary units:

  • Modules- For instance, doctors work with electronic health records of the patient, where all the important data is described. Receptionists work in the clinic management module where they evaluate the payment method. Moreover, pharmacy staff works in the hospital management module, which enables them to sell medicines.
  • Catalogs- It includes a huge amount of data in order to set up the hospital administration.
  • Reports- Reports help in analyzing the data for any period of time and also to generate any report for the authorized users.

The hospital management system should keep all laboratory research in electronic form. The accounting module of hospital management software will help create a unified system for personnel by making the operations automated right from reception to laboratory.

Monitoring System of the Hospital

With the help of hospital management software, you can easily compare the plan of your treatment with the treatment plan as per the protocol. The hospital management ERP can divide the timeline into necessary periods for each doctor and this monitoring program can be easily customized for any employee. Moreover, the monitoring program should also comprise of the reminder for the patients about the appointments they make.

Software for hospitals or medical institutions must fully meet the needs of patients and enhance the productivity of employees at the same time. Moreover, hospital management software also helps in reducing the influence of human factor, and the automated process diminishes the carelessness of the staff when registering patients and providing the consulting services.  For instance, ebizframeRx Hospital Management ERP System provides real-time information and access in the healthcare organizations and enables the seamless exchange of information among patients and doctors to bring about transparency in the operational support.