Hosting Websites Reviews 2018: [Bluehost VS Hostgator]

Many websites provide web hosting but which one to choose? For your convenience, we have reviewed the following three websites so that you can get the hosting of your desire.


The Bluehost provides extremely fast loading speed as compared to other hosting providing websites. Also provides a great customer service. The thing which is more interesting and attractive for the customers is its numerous discounts offers, a lot of great deals and many valuable commercials as well.

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Hosting Plans:

The Bluehost provides you the three packages that include the Basic plan, Plus Plan, and the Prime Plan. The Basic plan includes the unmetered bandwidth along with the 50 GB of website space. As it’s the basic plan, so it allows hosting for only one domain. The Plus plan comes up with the unmetered website space, unmetered bandwidth and unlimited domain to work on the single hosting plan.

Negative Feature:

The only downside of the Bluehost is that you have to pay all the amount for entire 1 or 2 years for hosting at once. No doubt, you do save your money in a long run but it is kind of a bomber in the initial stage of buying your hosting. But the good news is that your money is refundable, which means if you only want hosting for a single month or 2 and you don’t want to use more, you can easily get your money back. So, it is refundable and that’s a good deal with the Bluehost. Anyways, Bluehost is a great company, provides good customer service, engaging and agreeable services.

Overall review:

The Bluehost is one of the best hosting providing platforms where you get extra fast loading speed and a better customer care service. Overall, the Bluehost is perfect–thumbs up from my end. If you still want to know more details about the packages and other features of Bluehost, visit it yourself!


Next, we have got HostGator with a large market domination in the world of internet.

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Basic Plans:

HostGator also provides three basic packages on their website; the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan and lastly the Business Plan. In all these three plans, they are gonna give you UNLIMITED Bandwidth and UNLIMITED disk space. But the difference comes in hosting the number of domains. You will have UNLIMITED domain hosting in Baby Plan and Business Plan but you will not gonna have it in Hatchling Plan. But it isn’t recommended for you to host numerous domains on a business or baby plan because it will badly affect the loading speed and loading time for each of your domain. So, we will not recommend you to host unlimited domains on a single plan as it will affect the efficiency of all of your domains.

Negative Feature:

Now, let me tell you one thing very important. All the plans have unlimited disk space but this doesn’t mean that they are really offering unlimited disk space with the same loading speed as many bloggers have faced difficulties regarding the loading speed. Whenever the traffic on their domains increases, it literally affects the loading speed of all the other domains to a very high extent.

Affiliate Program:

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned negative point, you might be thinking why HostGator have still got a large market dominance? Well, that’s a good question because HostGator has a perfect business trick for it. HostGator supports the bloggers with their affiliate programs. You will get $50 if you promote the HostGator’s website hosting services by giving them 1-5 signups per month. That’s the reason why the HostGator is in every blogger’s focus.

Overall Review:

The hosting and everything is pretty good with surprisingly low prices. The cheap rates and fast loading speed make you feel OKAY with it but their biggest problem is of customer service. You literally have to wait for about 45 minutes to get yourself connected with their experts. No doubt, everything is pretty good and the crew is highly knowledgeable but the problem is with their customer service. Usually, there arises no need to contact them but when it do, the HostGator’s customer support is really gonna take your time. For the detailed information about the HostGator, Click Here!