Hepcinat LP tablets (ledipasvir and sofosbuvir) buy online in India

Hepcinat LP tablets the combination of (sofosbuvir and ledipasvir) is the most famous and affordable Generic American “Harvoni”, produced by the Indian company “Natco Pharma LTD”. Under license from Gilead, and intended for the treatment of genotype 1 of the Hepatitis C virus. Also, it is suitable for treatment 4 genotype of the virus

In total there are 6 genotypes of the Hepatitis C virus (in Russia and the former CIS, 1, 2 and 3 are common). Before the beginning of treatment, it is necessary to determine the patient’s genotype, since each genotype requires a certain combination of active substances. After passing the necessary tests (genotype, viral load, presence/absence of co-infection), based on their data, the patient is selected a suitable treatment regimen. Alas, often, many doctors are not experts in this matter. To do it yourself is possible in our online store, using the program “selection of a “hepatitis C treatment” regimen”, developed by us for Russian patients or by applying for a free consultation of our specialists.

Hepcinat lp tablets

For the treatment of the 1 genotype of the virus, all three currently known effective combinations of NS5B and NS5A inhibitors, Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir, Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir, Sofosbuvir and velpatasvir, are equally well suited. There is no difference in the effectiveness of treatment between them; the percentage of SVR is 98%, according to clinical trials (regardless of the subtype).

We only note that Sofosbuvir in combination with Velpatasvir is the most expensive combination to date, and Sofosbuvir with Daclatasvir is contained in individual tablets, which slightly reduces the usability. We would recommend patients with genotype 1 (the subtype does not matter) to choose “Hepcinat LP tablets” as the most effective, effective, effective and convenient to use as a means of therapy.

According to our considerable experience, it does not cause censure among patients, and also does not cause allergies, which, albeit extremely rarely, can provoke Daclatasvir.

Analyzes for viral load, as a rule, show its decrease after taking the first pill. 70% of patients receive 0 at the end of the first four weeks of therapy. Recall that in standard medical practice, two-thirds of the treatment should take place at zero loads.

“Hepcinat LP buy online” has several analogs, including, and of Indian origin, in our opinion, attention is deserved only by one, sold under the brand of the Company “Zydus” – the drug “LediHep“. Like “Hepcinat LP Natco”, it is produced by Natco and has an undoubted advantage – low cost. Other Indian analogs of Hepcinat LP, such as, for example, Ledifos, from Hetero, do not differ from it for the price, but, like LediHep, they are not the most popular in our country. You can read about all the preparations we offer in the relevant articles.

How much Hepcinat LP online price in India

As we already mentioned, the original drug Harvoni fabulously expensive and affordable only a very few.

The most famous of his Indian generics, as one of the most high-quality and inexpensive. To date, the most popular Indian company is Natco (Hepcinat LP), whose products have proven themselves on the best side.

The release of the generic Harvoni from this company, many have been waiting since the appearance of the American version of the combination of “sofosbuvir and ledipasvir”, ignoring the Egyptian and Bangladeshi generics – the former were not of high quality, the latter – hard to reach and expensive.

Hepcinat LP (“Sofosbuvir 400mg and Ledipasvir 90mg”) was released by Natco in December 2015 and instantly became a bestseller in India. Its “Hepcinat LP cost” is a hundred times lower than the cost of American drugs, whereas the composition is completely analogous (we recall that Natco produces drugs licensed by Gilead).

Since the very beginning of the preparation, many patients from Russia, Romania, Latvia, Singapore and Mexico have asked themselves whether it is possible to Buy Hepcinat LP in India independently. Of course, yes, however, this is accompanied by a number of difficulties. You will need a visa, as well as some funds for tickets and accommodation. Do not forget that you cannot buy the drug in any pharmacy in India, and in some, you can ask for a prescription in English. But the biggest danger is the risk of acquiring a fake, which in India itself is quite a lot, not without reason, that Natco in the summer of 2017 has already changed its packaging three times, trying to protect itself from scammers as much as possible.

If the first batch of Hepcinat LP tablets, which arrived in Russia in December 2015, cost $ 1,800, then after a short time, prices fell significantly. Today, you can buy the generic Hepcinat LP Online in our store for less than $ 1000. It is caused by a number of reasons:

  1. For the first time, drug sales began not in India, but in Nepal. This is due to the fact that before the release of the prescription drug to the market, it must undergo mandatory clinical studies. Despite the fact that the combination already passed them in America, according to existing rules, India was obliged to conduct research before selling. Therefore, the first Shipments of semi-legally sold in Nepal were more expensive and were more difficult to transport.
  1. Over time, the “Hepcinat LP price in India” of any product falls. This is due to the cheapening of production, and the development of competition. In addition to Natco products, there are a number of other companies in India that produce licensed generics – for example, Hetero, whose products, however, are not in great demand in India, and the number of companies in other countries where generics are allowed is growing.
  1. Increase in the volume of purchases and, accordingly, decrease in the purchase price. If in 2014 the first shipment of generics imported by us from Bangladesh was only two 3-month courses and costing 160,000 INR, then in the subsequent the minimum volume of purchases was significantly increased.
  1. Optimization of transportation costs. This and other ways to reduce costs have led to the fact that the price of “Hepcinat LP in Moscow” “today is even slightly lower than the cost of Hepcinat LP  in India. In order to verify this, it is enough to look at the final price, which the manufacturer recommends – it is indicated on the package and is 17,000 INR per 1 packing. Note that the Indian rupee is slightly more expensive than the ruble. One of our main tasks, in addition to delivering quality generics, is to offer our customers an affordable price. This is undoubtedly an important step towards a complete victory over hepatitis C worldwide.

Hepcinat LP tablets Review of doctors and patients

All the reviews about the treatment of Hepcinat LP, that we met, as well as feedback from our patients are necessarily positive. Doctors who are constrained by the Indian legislation cannot prescribe a prescription for Hepcinat LP, since it is not certified in Russia, but they usually prescribe the prescription for Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir, whispering to buy the Indian analogue of the American antiviral agent, and often giving advice, where it can be done, or our phone.

However, some people do not want to offer this patient with genotype 1, prescribing, as a rule, a considerable price. Again, they buy the drug from us, or, at their own risk, ordering parcels from India – however, we already wrote about the risk of getting a fake in this way.

Patients treated with “Hepcinat LP tablets” also tend to respond very positively, recommending it to anyone who has had the problem of hepatitis C.

In some cases, this leads to oddities – for example, in our practice, there was a case when a patient with the 2nd genotype of the virus ordered this particular drug since he was recommended by a good acquaintance with the genotype 1. Of course, such treatment did not bring results, except for financial losses.

Once again, we remind you of the importance of the tests before and during treatment, and then you can leave a good tip for this drug.

In case you doubt what drug you need, call the toll-free number provided on our website and our consultants will select the best combination for you.

Where and how to buy Hepcinat LP in India

Our exporter company has been delivering antiviral drugs since 2014, having established itself as a reliable supplier of quality products of Indian pharmaceuticals. Many clinics and hepatological centers of India,

For all the time of our work, we have accumulated vast experience of work. In our team, graduates and hepatologists with many years of experience. Our operators will select the required combination for a patient with any genotype, and our couriers will deliver the drug to the door of the apartment, office or country residence of the patient.

After selecting the drug and delivery, our obligations to the client do not end – our specialists are ready to fully accompany the patient throughout the course of treatment: analyzing the tests, 24-hour consultations, recommendations and everything needed to get rid of the virus is our task.

As to buy Hepcinat LP online in the pharmacy today, alas, it is impossible (for the reasons described above), our company has undertaken these obligations and, realizing the importance of this type of activity, refers to them scrupulously.

We comply with the temperature regulations for the storage and delivery of drugs, completely excluding their spoilage, regularly conduct product examinations, and work only with reliable distributors of Natco in India.

How to Buy Hepcinat-LP online India

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