There are so many bubble games but here I would like to introduce you to one unique game. The name is Soap Bubble Adventure which is basically an Android game. The game is actually a unique because in this you need to collect the things through the bubble. This concept is something new which I defiantly like. Further, let’s catch the whole gameplay strategy now.

Features of Soap Bubble Adventure:

The game is having so many nice features. Players can then sign in using the email account. There is a feature of two bonuses. One is an energy bonus and another one is a shield bonus. The user can also rate this app. There is an instruction option through which you can easily get the instruction. You can also get exit from the app using the switch off button. Moreover, the game is having a classic sound. You can also share it on the various messaging platforms.

To play Soap bubble Adventure:

The approach is simple tap and plays in this game. When you will tap the screen, the fan will get ON and appear on the screen. When the bubble gets air through FAN, it will move vertically. Mind the obstacles and don’t get the bubble to collide with those obstacles. If it happens so, the game will get over. There will be objects coming in the way and you need to collect all those objects. The energy bonus will accelerate your bubble and shield bonus will protect the bubble to get burst from obstacles.

There will be so many obstacles in the form of rods. If the bubble will collide with them it will get burnt and the game will be over. The bonus objects appearance rate is always dependent upon the current score. You need to decide that how much airflow needs to give to the bubble. It is because if you give excess airflow to the bubble, the speed will get accelerate and the bubble will be uncontrollable. In that condition, it gets collide with the obstacles and get burst. The score will be shown on the screen at the bottom side.

My own experience:

As per my experience, the game is really a nice platform. At the initial stage, I found this game a little bit challenging but then I got interested. Once you will start playing this game you will get addicted to it. I play this game on the daily basis and I pass my free time easily. I found the game is really sensitive one. It is my own advice that you must play it handle with care in order to make a good score. The concept is new which I didn’t get in any other game. I actually enjoy this game.

So play with bubble and make scores to get the best outcome. The game is almost user-friendly and I would also like to say thanks for making such a good game. Soap bubble Adventure is really an interesting game. You must try it once. It’s really a unique game of collecting the items. Thanks for reading the review.

Soap Bubble Adventure