Hair Transplant

As we know that hair transplant is one the most famous thing nowadays even singers and actors are using this service. But, now I am going to tell you the problem which many people are facing because of this operation. Friends as we know that many bald guys get their style back after hair transplantation, however, some of the people are that who get this the most dangerous thing in their life.

There was an army officer in Pakistan who transplanted his hair and after the operation he was dead you can read the complete article here.

There was another guy who transplanted his hair he lost his eyes because of its side-effects, so it is clear that it is a danger that you want hair or you want to lose your eye side forever. You can also lose your life I think hairs are not more important than someone’s life.

Common Problems You Can Face With Hair Transplantation

There are some things that you will face in your day if you will not lose your life these are as follows.

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Itching
  • Mental Disturbance
  • Thinning for some years
  • Swelling
  • Embarrassment

How Much hair Transplant Cost

As we know that world is very big so in every Country there is the different price that started from 400 dollars to 10000 dollars. Means if you want to transplant in India or Pakistan you can get your hair back only in 500 dollars.

Many poor people who cannot afford this treatment I suggest them just go to countries where it is very cheap they can get their style back in just one day I prefer the best hair transplant in Lahore.

Because they will give you lifetime guarantee for your hair and you can ask them any time any problem they will give you personal doctor contact number what we want in 500 dollars this is what they are offering.

Actually why swelling happens when your head is getting thousands of needles in a single day then it must happen so I always recommend you take care of your hair naturally by oiling it and do exercises of heads.

Hair Transplant Procedure

In old days transplantation was not as easy as it is today because in past doctors cut your head and take hairs from your head and put them in the front area. That procedure is called out and that was not costly, but everything changed new procedure introduced that is called fun. It is costly because every hair has been taken singly from your hair and its advantage is that you will not get any cut from this procedure. Fut is 10x dangerous that fue you can read the complete article from here about all of this procedure.