A rice cooker is a very helpful appliance to have in the household. You can use it for cooking a large number of rice-based dishes without standing in supervision. Once you set the program, you are free to take care of other things. Not just that, they come with various interesting features such as delayed cooking and a ‘keep warm’ function, which lets you have a nice hot meal.

One aspect that prospective buyers could go wrong with is the capacity of the electric rice cooker. What if you buy a cooker that is too large or too small for your needs? If the cooker is too big, you would unnecessarily be using extra power and if it is too small you may not be able to cook sufficient food for all at one go and might end up cooking once again, which really compromises the purpose of having a rice cooker. So, how do you judge the right size of the rice cooker for your family? The guidelines below might be helpful.

5-Litre Capacity

An electric rice cooker with 5-litre capacity is usually a good size for a family of 5 – 7. So, if your family has 5-7 members, this should work for you. It is an easy-to-operate appliance, which can be used for preparing rice by anyone who might be at home while you are at work. The rice for all members can be cooked at the same time and kept warm for those who might be eating later.

3-Litre Capacity

If you are a nuclear family with busy schedules, this cooker size is ideal for you. This cooker can be used to cook for 2 – 4 members, which makes it suitable for small families. It can be used to cook up to 300 grams of rice, which would easily suffice for an average of 4 people. A measuring cup is generally provided with the cooker, which can hold approximately 150 grams of raw rice.

Personal Rice Cooker

If you live alone and have to manage the cooking yourself, a personal rice cooker is an ideal size for you. You can add all the ingredients and carry it with you to your workplace and let the food cook while you carry on with your assignments. At lunch break, your food would be ready. The capacity of this little rice cooker is less than a litre and just right for a bachelor. You can use this to cook a maximum of 120 grams of rice i.e. 2 of the measuring cup provided with the cooker.

The various capacities of the cookers must be kept in mind. You must never overload the cooker or it could get damaged. Always follow the safety instructions and the limits indicated for the pan of the cooker and you could have a delicious meal on the dining table. In case you don’t wish to eat rice on a particular day, you can also steam vegetables or make soup in the same cooker. Take the above points into consideration and choose the right size of the rice cooker for your family.