Different people need different treatments for their skin because everyone has a different skin color and type. The treatment that you need for your skin depends upon the type of skin that you have.

Skin and treatment

Different skin care treatments are designed for different skin. Because even the best of treatments do not work on all types of skins e.g. even the best chemical peel treatment is not for all skin types.  Sometime when a certain type of skin product works on one person it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work on another person. There might be lots of differences between the skins of two people.

Now the Question is “How do I know about my skin?” There are two factors that will determine whether a certain type of treatment is good for you or not. Which includes Your Skin type and your Skin Color.

There are certain things which determine the type of skin you have.


The disturbance of hormones in your body and different conditions faced by your body can change the way your skin behaves, for example, pregnancy or diabetes.

Skin care

The skin care you use can greatly impact the way your skin behaves. Using a wrong skin care product can alter the balance of your skin. Which is the reason that it’s important to select the skin care that is best suited for you.


Genetics can play major roles in deciding how oily, sensitive and dry your skin should be. Most of the skin problems are inherited from your parents.


Allergies can greatly affect the way your skin reacts. It can be caused by food or any external source but one should consult a doctor if such a problem presents itself.


The medicines a person takes can greatly affect your skin. Your meds can either make it dry, oily or sensitive.


Weather can have a great impact on the skin, in the cold, the skin becomes drier. However, your skin can also react to your relocation. For instance, moving from an area with warm weather to the area with cold weather.

What is your skin type?

Determining your skin type is the most logical step. For the skin treatments to work perfectly people must know what type of skin they have. Certain things are visible to naked eyes such as allergies and color of your skin but there are things that are not visible to naked eyes such as whether your skin is oily or dry or any other type.

Just follow the steps given below and you can find out your skin types easily.

The first thing that you need to do is washing your face with cleanser. This step will remove all the makeup, oil or dirt from your skin

Now dry your skin by patting it with a dry towel and then leave it be. After drying the skin try not to apply any creams or serums to it. So that the skin could return to its natural condition.

After following the steps above wait for an hour and don’t touch your skin during this time. After that note your skin and its characteristics which are given below.

Normal Skin

A normal skin will be smooth and even. It will not be dry but not oily either.


Sensitive skin will have an irritating feeling to it and would be red and inflamed.


This type of skin will feel shiny and would feel like that there is lots of grease on it.


This type of skin is usually the combination of both dry and oily skin. The skin will feel oily at the T Zone but will feel dry on cheeks and jawlines

Dry Skin

Dry skin will feel itchy and will have a tightness to it. It will also have flakiness to it.

The clinical cosmetic treatments are suitable for all of the skin types however different creams and lotions are used for different skins. People with sensitive skin should avoid strong chemical peel.