It is well known that there are no extraordinary beverages or pills that can help you achieve your desired weight loss plan, but by including green tea or green coffee, you have increased your chances of having a more positive result as far as losing weight is confirmed. However, one should not forget that the major thing you need to lose weight is to reduce your daily intake (take a smaller portion) and do more exercise.

Having green tea or green coffee can significantly help to get rid of fat in all parts of the body, but the confusing thing about this fact is that it is hard to deduce the most effective one between green tea and green coffee. This article is aimed at giving insights about these two as well as their benefits and side effects.

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Green Tea

The Green tea is gotten from stem, leaves, and bud of a plant referred to as “Camellia Sinensis.” And Green teas are mostly taken as a beverage, but it is alps available as a supplement for its health benefits. Green tea is not fermented; it is made through steaming of fresh leaves using high temperature where the steaming process helps to enhance the polyphenol present.

The polyphenol in green tea is what helps with the prevention of inflammation as well as swelling in the body. There is a minimum of 2% caffeine present which makes it effective for metabolism boosting, nervous system stimulation, and stimulating the heart and muscles through the neurotransmitters, it releases.

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The benefit of green tea

Green tea is highly beneficial to human health, and one of its benefits includes weight loss. It includes both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make it impressive. As effective as green tea is, another beverage with as many health benefits as well as weight loss has somehow taken over, and the two are in a competitive environment.

Studies carried out have revealed the effectiveness of green tea in preventing diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease, colon cancer, and leukemia. It is said to contain a lot of antioxidants which help in preventing the skin from premature aging. Another thing about green tea is that it is rich in antioxidant polyphenol that causes increased energy in the body and breaks down fat. Green tea also helps to lower blood pressure and improves the mental alertness and clarity. The effectiveness and overall health benefits of green tea cannot be overemphasized as it is a great supplement.

Antioxidants referred to as catechins are present in green tea and this provides a boost in your weight loss plan. When combined with caffeine, catechins tends to more effective. Therefore the result of using decaffeinated tea cannot be compared to this.

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Green Coffee

Green coffee simply means coffee beans that are yet to be roasted. Roasted coffee beans odes the chlorogenic acid in it and it is the chlorogenic acid that helps the body to handle metabolism and blood sugar. Since green coffee are not made from roasted coffee beans, they tend to have much higher levels of chlorogenic acids which help to lower blood pressure and burns fat.

Green coffee can either be consumed as coffee or as a form of a supplement containing pure, and roasted coffee beans extract. The chlorogenic acid helps to promote weight loss by increasing the level of activity of the PPAR – α. PPAR – α is a gene that is involved in transporting fatty-acid and oxidation as well as the creation of cat cells through the effects of its antioxidant.

Another exciting thing about using green coffee is that it is capable of reducing calorie and glucose absorption which eventually leads to a decrease in insulin output and a reliable reduction in the formation of adipose tissue. Research also showed that users lost a significant amount of fat and achieved a reliable loss in weight while using green coffee even though they did not affect any changes in their diet.

The Green Tea or Green Coffee?

As much as there is nothing wrong with using green coffee and green tea, the most effective way to ensure a smooth weight loss plan is to reduce your calories intake and do more exercise and workout, if not every day at least most times. You can try low-calorie fare like vegetables, whole-wheat, fruits, whole-rye bread, spaghetti, and oatmeal while for protein-rich food you can choose either salmon, low-fat cheese, black beans among others. Rather than shifting your focus to dieting, it is better you find a way to make this your way of life as nothing benefits us more than consuming healthy foods; this will make it easier for you to have a successful weight loss plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Remember that both green tea and green coffee have amazing health benefits such as improving overall health, fat burn as well as protection from premature aging. The truth is, as far as weight loss is concerned, green coffee is more effective as it produces faster and long-lasting results. It also helps to achieve weight loss without crashing your diets or giving you reasons to engage in daily and stressful workouts or exercise.

At the End

Studies carried out on green tea, and its health benefits are more than the research and studies carried out on green coffee and its health benefits. However, the evidence of weight loss that green coffee produced is more than that of green tea, and this is what makes it the most preferred choice of supplement. It remains a great health supplement as it has a lot of health benefits, but its effect is a bit slower than the effects of green coffee.

Note that, both green tea and green coffee contains caffeine naturally. Thus, the large amount of green tea can lead to side effects like anxiety disorder, convulsions, anemia, heartburn and or headaches. While on the other hand, since green coffee is made from decaffeinated coffee beans and contains just chlorogenic acids which happen to be the major component of its overall health benefits including weight loss.