There are lots of new products that come our way each day nowadays and there are many products/services which we don’t think as important at first. But in some time, they turn out to be the difference in the way we communicate with each other or the companies deal with their customers. One of these things is Google Duplex which can be termed as the most advanced version of Google Assistant.

When Google Assistant was launched in May 2016 no one thought that it would capture the market. After all, it was exclusive to Google’s smartphone Pixel and Pixel XL. But once it began to be deployed on other Android-based smartphones, people began to realize what kind of software it is. A virtual assistant it is way better than Google Now as it can engage in a two-way communication. It’s not everything that a digital marketing company would like to have for presenting it to its customers but rather it will be all about making a customer using a smartphone really happy.

Google Duplex: The Future is here

Now through Google Duplex a long-standing goal of human-computer interaction is about to achieve. At least that’s what Sunder Pichai want us to believe. The demo was given by him at the recently concluded Google I/O and made waves across the world. But is it feasible and will run without any bugs in the future is what only the future will tell us. Let me offer you what it is all about.

The Google assistant will be so smart in the coming days that it will book a flight for us and a coffee in the evening with our friends. And we don’t have to bother one bit. Well, this will be really cool and such a scenario was in our minds but it will come to reality this fast, that we haven’t thought about. The demo by Mr. Pichai was nice but then again, it’s just a prototype at the moment. While the assistant is currently also capable of doing many tasks, but what the future holds for us is for anybody to be seen.

The Future

The future of virtual assistants is really promising as per the latest prototypes and Google Duplex is one such attempt in this regard. When we heard the pre-recorded demo on stage, it sounded very convincing and certainly not as robotic as it currently sounds. It will be nice to have a virtual assistant work for us in advance and book the ticket for the next year’s Avengers movie for us with the best seat in an IMAX theater. Sounds good on paper but what if we will be experiencing bugs in it and Duplex, by mistake, book a ticket to the flower shop to deliver a bouquet to my ex-girlfriend. What if!!??

I am sure you all are pretty much excited by the thought of this wonderful new assistant by Google and we all hope it turns out exactly what Google has in mind, without the privacy breaches we are all fed up of.