With each year Google is coming up with the advance updates that help the user to understand the technology better and bring the AI more closer to the living being. Google Duplex is one of the best examples of that. But with all new updates and advancement, there is even some issue that is coming up each day. One problem that is coming up these days is Google Drive stream not syncing data. This issue has popped up in Google drive due to some latest updates by Google syncing policy. There are many folks that are facing the issue of Google Drive stream not working.
So, today we are going to cover why drive file stream not working properly and the method that will elaborate you the Google drive file stream problems.

Why Google Drive File Stream Not Syncing

Due to some change in Google data syncing policy, there is some problem that is recently being encountered and there are many reports from people on Yosemite and Windows 8 who are getting a generic error message that gives a lot of problem in Google file streaming not syncing data. Moreover, many older macOS versions have even stopped the process of file streaming.
Message Form Google
Older versions of macOS including Yosemite (10.10) is no longer supported by File Stream. Please upgrade to latest macOS or switch to Backup & Sync.
Now Google Drive File streaming is only supportable in the following device:
  • Windows: Windows 7 and all above versions. Windows Server editions are not supported.
  • Mac: El Capitan (10.11) & High Sierra (10.13)

Step to Overcome Google Drive File Stream Not Working Properly

For macOS High Sierra (10.13) follow these steps to resolve Google Drive file syncing issue:
  1. At the top left to go to System Preferences and then to Security & Privacy
  2. Open Drive File Stream.
  3. Next, you would find Google, Inc was blocked from loading you need to click on Allow.
If in case you encountered this same issue in Mac then you need to first quit the Drive File Stream app. Follow these steps if in case your Drive File stream not working:
  1. Hit command+space
  2. Write ~/Library/Application Support/Google
  3. Rename DriveFS to anything you’d like
  4. Start the Drive File Stream app
  5. Quit Google Chrome. If unresolved, restart Mac.
For Windows User Facing Google Drive File Stream Not Syncing Issue you need to follow these steps if your installation of Google Drive file streaming is proper:
  1.  Try to Upgrade File Streaming Service
    Google Drive file streaming not working properly is because you might be using an older version of file streaming. A user needs to install the latest version of Google Drive file streaming. This would be very useful to resolve Google Drive sync issues. If you have a problem with installing File syncing for Google drive then read this article how to install Google Drive File streaming.
  2. Uninstall Drive Sync
    You need to uninstall the Drive Sync client this will stop the syncing processes that are being used previously. Your old drive folder, full of files should be taken a backup from your computer so that your important piece of data may not get a loss.
  3. Verify Web interface For Google Drive
    There even may be some sort of verification issue due to which drive file stream not working at your end in that case you need to make sure all your files are in your Google Drive or not. Then you have to open Google Drive in Chrome and open your Google drive if everything appears valid and haven’t greyed out then you are moving along the process hence Google Drive file streaming not working properly.


Google Drive not syncing my undoubtedly be making you in a lot of trouble. The error may be very prominent and can cause you file stream loss. The logs located in DriveFS folder when gets corrupt then it cause a lot of issue to many users so renaming or deleting the DriveFS folder could help you to recreate the folder and all cache streams data again. Google Drive stream not syncing for Mac and Windows user would easily be resolved if you use the listed above steps and would help you to resolve Google drive file streaming problem.