In this fast-paced age of internet and social media, no one has time or patience for slower things in life. The same applies to your website where a slow loading website can quickly compel your target audience to explore other possibilities. Your audience for all intents and purposes may move to your competitor’s website if your website takes more than 6 seconds to load. In a time and age where online visitors have become accustomed to superfast loading websites, a website that does not adheres to this timeline may soon find itself out of favour. You have to follow the six second rule if you are serious about your website making an impact on an immensely crowded platform where hundreds of similar websites are vying for a reader’s attention.

Additionally, statistics reveal that over 40 per cent of online visitors are most likely to cease engaging with your website if they find it difficult to navigate across a variety of screen size i.e. the website is not responsive. All these make it abundantly clear that a high quality responsive website with relevant information is imperative to your online success. Best website development company in your country or more specifically located near your office can do an exceptional job of creating a responsive website where information is presented in a cogent and coherent manner for a pleasurable website browsing experience.

As a website owner, your prime focus should be on a website that delivers the relevant information in a user friendly manner for an enhanced user experience. Top business website design company can help your website stand out from the crowd by enabling it to deliver an optimal user experience. Having a stunning website that presents relevant information in a meaningful way accompanied by right images and visuals scores high in results returned by search engines. This is of utmost importance as the traffic to your website is determined to a considerable extent by the ranking it receives in the results returned by search engines.

A higher ranking in SERP automatically enhances the reputation as well as the credibility of your website which invariably translates into high online traffic. In all probability, people do not remember the names or URLs of websites and take the help of search engine to gather relevant information. As such top rankings will definitely help your cause as statistics reveal that nine out of ten people do not go beyond the first page of the result returned by search engines and even among these thirty per cent hardly bother going beyond the first five to six links.