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As we all know that skin is the largest organ of the body and to maintain its health, we need to provide the skin with all the essential nutrients, but if proper care of skin is not taken, the largest organ can become the largest problem for you. According to the best Skin Specialist in Jaipur– Dr. Sachin Sharda – There are many reasons behind the cause of damaged skin like pollution, sun, stress, hormones, and unhealthy food. And to correct this, people spend a lot of money too.

In this article, we will let you know about the various Fruits to eat for glowing healthy skin. Fruits are always the first thing which is included in anyone’s balanced or healthy diet. An unhealthy diet or food will not only damage the skin, but it may also reduce one’s metabolism, cause weight gain or loss, and even harm the body organs like Heart and Liver. Therefore, eliminate the chances of such a situation by adding fruits to your diet. The fruits to eat for glowing healthy skin are as follows:


fruits for glowing healthy skin

Avocados are one of the recommended fruit for the healthy skin. It contains healthy fats which support the skin’s health. Consuming or Eating a good number of Avocados will help the skin in maintaining its charm. It provides flexibility to the skin and moisturizes it.

Apart from healthy fats, Avocados is enriched with Vitamin C and E. The combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin E provides the needed resource to the skin. Vitamin C delivers collagen to the skin which is the main structural protein. This protein helps in keeping the skin healthy and robust whereas Vitamin E provides the antioxidative property to the skin which protects the skin from oxidative damage (Oxidative damage leads to the emergence of aging signs). This oxidative damage is mainly caused due to UV Radiation. So, add avocados to diet to prevent dry, rough, and scaly skin.

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best fruits for glowing skin

Walnut is an excellent ingredient for the healthy skin and a good source of fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Inflammation on the skin can also be reduced with the help of walnuts. Apart from fatty acids, walnuts are also highly decorated with vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, and selenium. Therefore, add walnuts to your diet now.


best fruits to eat for glowing skin

Papaya is a tropical fruit which is enriched by the plenty of active enzymes. This serves in maintaining the glow and charm of the skin. The two main enzymes which the papaya contains are chymopapain and papain. Chymopapain helps in the reducing the inflammation from the skin whereas Papain can eliminate blemishes and treat acne. Papain diffuses the pore-clogging fats and refines the skin with ease. So, we can say, Papaya is an excellent fruit to eat for glowing healthy skin.


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Blueberry is one of the finest and tastiest nature food. Blueberries are popularly known as the antioxidants. It keeps the aging effects away from the skin and prevents damaging. Also, Blueberries are highly concentrated with anthocyanins which strengthen and boosts the collagen fibers. Not to forget that berries contain prebiotics, i.e., a great source of fiber. So, we can conclude that blueberries are the complete package for the glowing skin.


fruits for glowing skin

Almond carries Vitamin E which protects the skin from sun’s radiation and repairs the scarred cells. As per the research, it is said that if a person eats 14 milligrams of vitamin per day that makes 20 almonds per day, are decidedly less affected under the UV rays as compared to that who ate none. Also, Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant. So, almonds also prevent the free radicals away from the skin.

Coconut Water and Oil

fruits to eat for glowing skin

Coconut is the most used fruit for skin care. Both the coconut water and oil are healthy for the skin. There are ample benefits associated with coconut like it is full of muscle-relaxing potassium, it contains electrolytes to replenish and rehydrate your skin, it makes the skin look softer and younger.

These are some of the fruits which a person must add to its diet for glowing and healthy skin according to the skin experts of Jaipur SkinCity. But only fruits can give you the results, so combine the fruits with the balanced nutrition for the best results.

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