One thing to make sure when you are applying for a coupon code whether it is for immediate saving or advanced saving is to enter it correctly. It is always better to copy and paste it directly from the code itself to the coupon code box in your order rather typing in it. This will eliminate the chances of any errors.

Most of the coupon codes are in all caps, but there may be a few that are case-sensitive. Therefore, typing an all-caps code in lowercase and vice versa will not work. Even if you copy and paste it in the code box, you must be very careful to make sure that there is no blank space before or after.

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Few codes may be email-specific as well. This means that you will need to access that email account to avail the discount.

Meet the minimum

Another point that you must keep in mind while using the freecharge coupons code today is to check whether or not it has any minimum limit of purchase value. This means that you will have to buy at least that amount mentioned in the code to be eligible for discounts.

  • Moreover, purchase limitations may also be on specific items as well and not across all products on display.
  • Apart from that, the minimum value of your purchase will be calculated and applied to the actual cost of items that you have bought after any instant discounts.
    In addition to that, items may include extra cost as well in the form of shipping and tax when applicable.
  • Therefore, you must know about the minimum purchase value before you apply the coupon code for discounts.

Clues from the code

You do not need the brain of a scientist or a mathematical genius to decode the online shopping coupon code. Though these codes are often alpha-numeric, meaning a combination of digits and alphabets, these codes are usually very easy to decipher.

  • For example, a code reading “15OFF100” will mean you will get a 15% off on a minimum purchase of $100. Therefore, if you order for anything less than $100 and apply the code for the discount, it is obvious that it will not work in your favor and to your surprise.
  • It is, therefore, best to check out at the website of the store for such details before you apply a coupon code. Alternatively, you may sift through the internet for the store as well as the code offered to get more information on its requirements.

When you have mastered these trivial issues and are knowledgeable, you can proceed for advanced couponing to make an advanced saving.

Searching for coupons

The basic knowledge required for advanced couponing is to know how you can find coupons in the wild on your own. To sniff out discounts on and from the internet you will need the specific skill set.

You will need to do a little bit of research and visit different websites that are dedicated to promoting promo codes or discount coupons.

  • You may start with the websites of the stores that you want to visit. There are a few specific sites, in fact, most of the stores, that will list their codes right on their official website like paytm recharge cashback offer. This is the easiest, most common and convenient way to find discount coupons online.
  • However, discount coupons directly from the website may not offer you the best discount available on the particular item you want to purchase. If you want to avail maximum discounts, you will need to visit the dedicated websites for coupon codes.
  • First, decide the store that you want to buy your product from and then look at the ‘find a store’ search box at these sites. This box is usually on the right side of the page. Type the name of the store you have in mind in it to find out what the deals on offer are and what to choose.

Alternatively, you can use the main search box located at the top of the page. When you type the name of the store in this search box, you will ‘land’ on the store page. This is a useful way to find both coupons and best deals offered by that particular store.