Free Best Awesome Apps for Android and Apple Users


I will show you some awesome apps which are available for both Android and Apple. These apps are free of cost, so you don’t need to worry about the payment, of course. I have gathered some popular yet easy to get downloaded apps for your phones, tablets, iPad, laptops, or even for your pc.

Billions of users download these awesome apps. Usually, the best apps will cost you some bucks. However, there are lots of unusual options that allow you to have those apps for free. So, bring yourself down to get the latest and best apps for your Android and Apple.

And remember to try one of these awesome apps to make your phone more stylish.

Free Best Awesome Apps for Android Users

Free Awesome Apps for Android:

1.Launcher App:

When you get bored with your old smartphone look, then you have a better option to change the entire look with just one download. I would like to show you the best Android Launcher App which will never bring your expertise down.Best-Android-Launcher-App

Yes, I am talking about the “NOVA LAUNCHER.” This is one of the fantastic yet famous Android launchers which is available easily on the Google play store, free. This launcher will give you smooth and easy to use customizable icons. It has many images pack with the variety of wallpapers and themes.

Nova Launcher holds a kind of app-drawer which allow you to customize the things you want. It has a

  • Scrollable dock,
  • Notification badges,
  • Folder customization
  • Icon Customization.

It is free to download and available on Google play store. It also has an original version which is paid.

2.Keyboard App:

Get awesome Android Keyboard App to make your phone more stylish. With the help of “SwiftKey Keyboard,” you customize your typing platform. SwiftKey keyboard is using by more than 250 million users in the world. It uses the false intelligence that allows it to learn and can adequately predict what the user expects to keyboard app

  • It has many features include:
  • Autocorrect and gesture typing
  • Built-in GIF search bar
  • Downloadable free themes

Swift Key keyboard will never store any information of yours. This excellent app is free to use and easy to available on Google play store.

3.Video Calling App:

Another excellent app for Android which makes your long-distance communication easy. “Google DUO” is the best video calling app for Android which gives you many amazing features. It is just one simple step to be used on.Best video calling apps

You have to log in while verifying your active phone number. When you log in successfully, you can make video calls to your loved ones.

It has a unique feature which is “Knock Knock” that lets you give a live preview of the person you are making a call with before receiving the call.  This app is available free of cost on Google play store. It is also available for Apple users.

4.Assistant App:

Android users need an assistant app to track and get help quickly. “Google ASSISTANT” is the leading app for Android which is developed by the Google itself. This will allow you to communicate, navigate, and make many of the things done.Best Assistant Apps for Android

People can use this app to ask any questions, make any plans, play games, or even trigging the apps. It has built-in 30+ useful super voice commands which make your questions easily to be understood by the assistant. It is available for free on Google play store and also available for smartwatches as well.

5.News App:

When it’s a talk about Android, then “Google News” is the only thing to give all sorts of latest news quickly. Google news is actually known for providing such most crucial news in the area of news feed with the help of A.I techniques.Best-News-App-for-Android

No doubt, Google news is set up to the best news app for Android in 2018. It also offers a tab which is “for you.” That actually shows customized news and touching on “full coverage” will show you the same news story published by different journalists, highlighting all the aspects.

Free Awesome Apps for Apple:

1.Browser App:

After Safari, “Google Chrome” will take place in the IOS by an upgrade optio

Browser App for Apple

n. This app can sync your bookmarks and history over devices. It also has built-in features like unlimited tab functionality and search bar autocomplete.

This app is available on iTunes for free.


2.Fun App:

After highlighting many awesome apps, “BITMOJI” is another fun app for you. Bitmoji provides you to easily customize everything you want from your comic avatar’s eye and hair color to its accessories and outfits. With a massive backup of stickers that are built-in in the app, you can manage to send various of different unique emojis.Fun apps for apple

You send emojis through iMessage or even with any other apps that have a copy-paste feature in it. You can also connect the app to Snapchat, to further make your Snap stories and Snaps to get more fun.

3.Messaging App:

“SLACK” is the primary and most popular messaging app for IOS users. It is best used for companies and teams to get clear communications.Best Messging Apps for Apple

It is also syncing over all devices, and it is also very compatible with many other awesome apps and services such as Dropbox to further make your work easier and more straightforward.

4.Dating App:

The best waDating App for Appley to get attract with someone is knowing them before a meeting. A dating app is something which gives you all the possible ways to find out the person you want. “TINDER” is a perfect app for you which allow to show you the age and picture of the person.

It also has an option to swipe away and tell the person is hot or not. If you think the individual is hot, you can chat with him/her instantly. This is available for free on iTunes.


I have mentioned some popular and excellent apps for both Android and Apple in 2018. Try them and let me know how much fun and comfortable your life will after be using.

However, you can find dozens of apps for Android or Apple which are free and give you more benefit. These awesome apps are compatible with every version of Android and Apple.

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