If you have seen your basement full of water, you already know the pain of recovering your belongings from the stinking water. The prime responsibility of the disaster restoration services is to get the water out and save your belongings as well. It is painful to watch your stuff floating along with gunk, therefore, always have professionals on board to restore your house after a flood.

Following are some scenarios when the restorers almost fainted while recovering a home after the flood.

Flood Damage Restoration

Luther Liam of Wisconsin:

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin had declared an emergency in the town, and the region was completely evacuated. Luther a 29 years old car dealer had abandoned his house along with others. When the flood passed, and the area was declared safe to live in, Luther came back to find out that the ground floor of his wooden house was gone, the second floor was so damaged that I couldn’t be called home and the top level was erected on a tree. He called the contractor to restore if anything can be and the contractors almost fainted looking at the condition of the house.

Julia’s Flooded Basement:

Julia, an African American single mother of three lost the entire right part of her house when her basement flooded. Because she called the help after three days of the flood, most of the concrete in the basement had gone wrong. The flood damage restoration pros had to strategize the restoration process for another two days since the house was located on a prime location where renovation could affect other dwellings.

Little Emma And Her Rescue:

The Nations along with several other newspapers featured a story in 2017, telling us the heart-wrenching tale of a little girl, Emma who was rescued after the Houston flood. She returned her home after the adaption in June 2018 and contractors voluntarily offered to restore whatever was left of her home. The reporters and repairers fainted after finding out how she had spent three days on the rooftop waiting for help.

Contractors Found Claire’s Cat:

Claire, a 28 years old mother had a pet cat. Her two years old son mistakenly locked the cat in the basement. She posted the pictures of the cat in the neighborhood, called authorities and ran an ad in the local newspaper but found nothing. After three days, Clair called contractors for a plumbing emergency, and when they began working in the basement, a worker claimed to hear a faint cat-yell. They all looked in creepy places and under the pipes, and after few minutes, a worker found the cat trapped under the boiler. The team almost fainted in happiness and Clair proudly posted the pictures on her social media account.