Well! October 3 is National Boyfriend Day.

Why? Since according to internet survey as much, individuals are tweeting about it and consequently it must be a thing. What a heap of balls. Here’s the reason National Boyfriend Day is the most inconsequential, inane, superfluous made up national day ever.


1. Single people don’t need another day for you to rub it in


Many individuals are cheerfully single and are awfully caught up with having stunning vocations and making a trip to far away terrains to stress over the reality elderly relatives can’t get their heads around the idea they might be splendidly upbeat flying solo until the end of time. Be that as it may, others would very like a sweetheart and have put in months/years sifting through men on evenings through, online applications and companions just to be left with only (as a matter of fact very amusing) dating stories and a heap of unrequested dick pics. For them, National Boyfriend Day is a kick in the teeth. I mean you individuals as of now get Valentine’s Day AND each one of those couples benefits from tax cuts and less expensive lodging rooms to have the capacity to escape things you would prefer not to do by accusing your other half (yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, we know you do that).

2. Every day is National Boyfriend Day


What is the purpose of being seeing someone you’re not going to welcome each other? In the event that you require an entire day to advise yourself that your other half exists, and merits a cake and a nestle, there is something genuinely ailing in your relationship. National Boyfriend day 2018 is going to Amazing one ! 😉

3. This day is part of a larger societal trend of making single women feel bad about themselves just for being single


Men in TV and film are as yet delineated as wild stallions having an incredible outdated sheet material anybody and everybody (as long as they meet Hollywood’s thin meaning of ‘hot’ obviously). Single ladies, then again, are portrayed as ‘party young ladies’ (otherwise known as whores) or pitiful, desolate failures. The fascinating thing about this is, while everybody, male, female, single or in a couple, can be desolate, in my experience single ladies more often than not have the broadest and created social lives and fellowship gatherings.

4. We don’t need another pointless national day


For what reason not? World Gin Day? Hellfire yes. In any case, National Boyfriend Day? No. Is this simply the welcome card organizations invading online networking to motivate us to squander more cash and assets on superfluous, overrated tat? How about we trust so. I’d preferably that was the situation than any sound individual reasoning this was a smart thought.

5. Men, you already have Steak And Blowjob Day


As far as should be obvious, Steak And Blowjob Day (March 14 FYI) was set up as a sort of men’s Valentine’s Day. Couples, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to both have a dazzling time on Valentine’s Day and abandon it at that?! All things considered, on the off chance that you should have yet one more day for beaus, unquestionably this is more than secured by March 14, rough as it may be. Side note – if this is presently a thing, when are ladies going to get a Cupcake And Cunnilingus Day?

6. It’s nothing like National Girlfriends Day


National Girlfriends Day (take note of the ‘s’) is on August 1 and is a US thing where ladies commend their female companions. At the end of the day, that day is about how awesome lady buddies are. The comparable would be National Brothers Day or Broday which would most likely be best for everybody concerned.

7. It really is the worst of the worst


Honestly, in case we’re all going to simply begin making up futile, superfluous national days I figure we should all have a go. What about People You See On The Bus But Never Really Talk To Day? Or on the other hand National Small Origami Swans Day?