Decorating the Christmas tree, availing huge discounts on shopping malls, the cozy aroma of Tangerines, singing Christmas carols, waiting for secret Santa to come, looking forward to holiday time after the large corporate celebrations, making a family picnic planning- these are the things that define the celebration of Christmas Eve. No wonder, it’s the most beautiful time of the year. The gifts are the integral factor of the Christmas celebration, and this article tells you about the type of Christmas gifts that people present to each other around the world.


The Christmas gifting ritual in this country is unique. The children in the Netherland receive presents from Sinterklass on December 5th, not the Christmas time. If they leave carrots for the Sinterklass’s horse, he will leave sweets for the kids. Special gaming and poem events are organized throughout the country on this day. When they follow the clues given, they find lovely Christmas presents from Sinterklass.


In the of the Rising Sun, the Christmas is not celebrated as a religious affair but a happy time. The Christmas day is marked as a very romantic day in this country where couples meet and present gifts to each other. The children of this country receive Christmas gifts not under the Christmas tree but on their bed pillow during the night time.


It’s not necessary to give gifts on Christmas. Many Russians celebrate Christmas on January 6th instead of December 25th, and they visit the churches and spend the day with the kind thoughts. In this country, Christmas is celebrated with the family members and at home.
However, the Russians present Christmas gifts to each other on New Year, 31st December. Father Frost brings all the Christmas gifts with his granddaughter.


Like for the majority of Irish, Christmas is all about spending time a nice time with the dear ones. They give presents to each other and enjoy delicious foods like mince pies. Traditionally the Irish people leave mince pies and Guinness Ale as a snack for the Santa.

The children of this country wait till Christmas morning for unwrapping the gifts.


The Christmas is not that much favorite in this country as only one percent of the population of this country is Christian. Just like Russia, the Chinese people also celebrate New Year with much more happiness. Like Christmas, the Chinese people exchange gifts during the Spring Festival.


In this country, the children traditionally write letters asking for specific Christmas gifts that they would like to receive. Santa Clause or Father brings the Christmas gifts on December 24th.


Having cribs in the home became popular in this country during the 16th century, and it’s still popular today. The celebration of Christmas begins eight days before Christmas with a special series of prayers and church services.
The children of this country believe that an old lady called “Befana” will bring the Christmas gifts to them.


In India, the one-week holiday span that starts from Christmas and ends to New Year is celebrated with much happiness and excitement. People from different cultures, religions, ethnicities take the active part in the celebration of the Christmas. The plum cake or rich fruit cake is considered as the Christmas cake. If you stay in India, you can easily order Christmas cake online for your loved ones.

The children of this country keep the empty socks out of their house, and Santa Clause fills up the socks with gifts in the Christmas night.

The celebration of Christmas festival differs from one country to another, and Santa Clause takes different forms in different countries. No matter how many different ways the festival of Christmas is celebrated in various countries, one thing remains unchanged is the joy and gift giving factors for this festival.