Are you going to take the crucial decision of buying a domain name for your blog or website? Are you in hurry because you want to launch your blog very soon? In any of these cases you need to take a long breath and stay calm.


Because, if you choose a domain name in hurry, you can make horrible mistakes which can cause you failure. Domain name is the representation of your blog or online business. You cannot afford to make even a single mistake when choosing a domain name as it may misguide your visitors or may be throw you out of competition.

Now you may ask that what are these mistakes and how you can avoid them to choose a best and brandable domain name for your blog?

Today I am going to share what are the factors which you should consider when buying a domain name for blogging business.

Factors You Should Consider When Buying a Domain Name?

1) Brandable :

A brandable domain is a domain name which sounds like a brand rather than just a generic domain name. You cannot go for a domain name which can confuse the visitor or the don`t know what to type to reach your site or blog. Using hyphens and numbers always create confusion and mislead the visitor to visit some other website or blog.

For example if I tell you that I have, the only things you remember is best pasta and always forget about the hyphen. It is really common mistake.

You should always avoid adding numbers, hyphens and confusing words, so that when visitors want to visit your blog, he/she can type the exact domain name which you have told them.

2) Pronouncable:

A domain name which is not easy to write is also not easy to remember. You cannot expect anyone to remember as, always make sure that the domain name you are choosing is easy to pronounce and easy to type. Confusing names always annoy the visitor and turn off them from visiting your blog again.

3) Short & Simple:

Simplicity has the ultimate expressing power and attractiveness. Simple and short domain names not only easy to remember, but also clearly tells what your blog is all about. For example, name clearly shows that the domain is related to iOS and there will be something which is related to iOS operating system and devices running on iOS.

4) First love is .Com:

Even a common person knows that a website means .Com is the most popular and widely recognized domain name extension. You can easily make the people remember your domain name if it has .com extension.

There are many other Top level domain name extensions, but .Com should be your first love, when you are about to choose a domain name.

5) Copyright issues:

Many newbie bloggers think that choosing a domain name similar to a big brand or including the name of a big brand in their domain name is going to be beneficial for them to easily attract readers. But believe me if you choose a domain name which has the name of a big brand like Facebook, it is a serious offense. In such case, you are seriously breaking the copyright of that brand and they can sue you.

6) Keywords:

Keywords are the most common and effective advice to use keywords in domain name. It helps the visitor understand what your website is all about. Keywords help search engines to understand what your blog is all about and rank well. It is an excellent idea to use keywords in domain name.

These are the major things which you should care about when choosing a domain name, if you still have any question, you can take the help of the complete domain name guide.