Hair loss is a problem more common in men than in women. The hair loss problem is generally caused by reasons such as genetic male pattern hair loss, aging, low testosterone levels, and androgenetic alopecia.

Hair strands have a lifespan of two to five years. Hair follicles from which hair strands grow out pass through phases like growth, transition, and rest. Certain lifestyle circumstances can bring a mass chunk of hair into the rest period wherein there is a high tendency for them to fall out. The process is termed telogen effluvium.

Whether the hair loss is a result of a short-term health condition or a chronic one, men can do certain things to prevent hair loss. Following is an expert guide on how to prevent hair loss in men and keep them strong and healthy.

Below are listed some hair hygiene tips to prevent hair loss:

Do not use chemicals on hair
Chemicals that treat hair cause irreversible damage to the hair follicles. Limit the use of highlights, dyes, and perms on your hair.

Use a mild shampoo
The shampoo is used to cleanse hair of oil and dirt. But note that many shampoos sold today contain harsh ingredients. The ingredients can rid your hair off of essential natural oils and acids that make hair healthy. Use the shampoo brand that is as natural as possible.

Avoid hair-pulling hairstyles
Even though the hair is flexible, it can be stretched only to a certain extent before it becomes permanently damaged. Hairstyles that involves pulling of hair away from the scalp can loosen the bond between scalp and hair.

Avoid extensive hair-heating tools
Hair is often styled with the use of high-heat tools. Using heat on hair, leaves the hair follicle dehydrated and hence prone to damage. Styling tools like hair straighteners, curling irons, and hairdryers can do more harm than good.

Use a soft brush
A soft brush with natural fibers promotes healthy oil levels on hair. The keratin proteins in hair are stacked on the top of the hair, so brushing the hair gently helps condition your hair cuticle at a miniscule level.

If you want to take up hair loss treatments to counter hair loss, below are the treatments recommended by experts:

Minoxidil also is known by the name rogaine is a synthetic drug that can be applied to the scalp in the form of a lotion or can be taken as medication. It has proven to be useful to re-grow hair and prevent hair loss. Essentially, it makes the hair-growing phase last longer, though, note that it doesn’t work for everyone.

It can take up to twelve months to see the hair growth. Its side effects include irritation in the scalp, facial hair appearance, and a rapid heart rate. Also, if you stop using it, any hair regrown because of it could fall out.

Propecia or Proscar or Finasteride is another option for men to stop hair loss and start hair growth. But it has its fair share of side effects. Essentially, Propecia blocks the effects of male hormones on hair follicles.

Results with Propecia are visible within six to eight months.

There are certain hair transplant procedures too to grow hair back like follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction.

Other than these methods, most hair fall cure solutions won’t do much for men.