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With the advent of the Internet and rising development in the technology, every industry is keeping up with the modern day technological advancements. If we talk about the healthcare sector, it has seen a huge rise in the context of adopting the digital practice. Telehealth was in our life from a much older time than we knew. The first use of telemedicine was by Mr. Graham Bell, he used the phone to consult a doctor when he faced a small mishap, and there are many other instances of telehealth in the history. Due to the increase in population and hectic lifestyle, Telehealth software technology is becoming popular today. People are using this software to obtain clinical services from certified and authorized healthcare providers.

What do you mean by telehealth?

 If we explain telehealth we can say, it is rendering medical services using electronic and telecommunication as a medium. This approach facilitates rendering services in remote areas and provides benefit to both doctor and patients and provides them with a platform to communicate and consult. It includes many services such as healthcare education, patient monitoring, management of data related to it and remote consultation and much more.

Most often telehealth is confused with telemedicine but both are different from each other. It is a much broader term than telemedicine and in addition to remote consulting; it imparts health education, promotion, and delivery of other healthcare services.

Advantages of telehealth services

  • Promotion of healthcare: Telehealth is contributing largely to the promotion of healthcare. The countries that are not developed and most of the population residing in remote areas are using the telehealth software to provide services in need. These programs are also promoting health care practices and services in urban populations as they want instant services, these programs provide a solution in just a few clicks and from anywhere they want.
  • Enhanced quality of healthcare: These services are contributing to the enhancement of the quality of healthcare services.  By promoting best practice and effective solutions, by providing proper information and accurate educations it are providing support services for various causes leading to the enhanced services and an increase in the awareness about it among the general public.
  • Reliable services: The software of telehealth is developed in the compliance of HIPAA standards and all the company have to follow the standards in providing services accordingly.

Major shortcomings in the telehealth technology

No physical exam: The practice of telehealth can become more and more popular among people but it can never replace the practice of physical examination of patients. There is the domain in the health sectors which needs physical examination and telehealth falls short in such cases. Such as in the cases of diagnosis the patient will rely on the doctor present in front of them rather than on video conferencing or online call.

Legal barriers: One of the important hurdles in the case of telehealth is legal barriers. Different countries have different laws and grounds and sometimes it becomes difficult for healthcare providers to provide services facing some restrictions.

Today a separate market has grown for the development of healthcare software and applications. SISGAIN has an in-house team of developers who are working continuously to develop best telehealth software based on the latest technology and according to the current market practices. Every healthcare provider needs different medical software according to its requirement. Our Company is an ideal choice to develop customized telehealth software and other software in this domain. We aim at providing scalable and robust software that can increase efficiency and provide success to the provider. The telehealth software is equipped with all the latest features customized as per requirement and developed in compliance with the standards issued by HIPAA.

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