When you meet any yogi the first thing, yourself notice of yogi face glow. The glowing face is the symbol of the stress-free life. Yoga becomes the household name due to help reduce stress, bring flexibility and calmness. In this article, we mention effective Anti Aging Yoga Poses such as child pose, Dhanurasana which help you achieve glow at your face to look younger.

Yoga is the very cost-effective approach for anti-aging, even we can practice in our home.  Just set your morning alarm, pick yoga mat, practice few daily asanas for a couple of minutes you will see that your stress level reducing and your face started glowing.

Anti Aging Yoga Poses 

Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskara is the best yoga sequences which have many health benefits such as improve digestion. If your digestion systems are accurate, those will increase glow of your face.

How to do Sun Salutation –

Set your routing early morning best time to do sun salutation is DAWN  with east facing.

Benefits of Sun Salutation 

  • Skin will glow.Blood circulation will improve.

Child Pose – after sun salutation practice lay down on your yoga mat for a couple of minutes to relax. Don’t sleep its time to do Child pose.

How to do 

  1. Sit on your ankles bend your body to touch your head to earth in sitting pose at ankles.
  2. Forward your hand with touching the palm.
  3. Press your chest to your knees.
  4. Now slowly relax back to sit position on ankles.
  5. Repeat 5-10 times.

Benefits –

  • Balasana calm your mind and reduce anxiety level which will bring anti-aging.

Dhanurasna – After Balasana, you can practice Dhanurasna bow pose. It says you are only young if your spine is flexible.

How to do 

  1. Start with lying down keep your legs apparat
  2. Relax and bring heals to  your buttocks
  3. Exhale and try to hold your ankles with hand


  • This will properly shape your backbone which will increase flexibility.
  • Flexibility will make you younger.

Adho Mukha Savasana 

Yoga related to nature and all poses have some variation from nature creators. Adho Mukha Savasana yoga which brings stability of hand and legs.

How to do

  1. Make a position that your hand and knees touch to earth.
  2. Exhale now lift your knees
  3. you can keep your knees bent in starting but gradually try to make straight.


  • This pose will make your hand hamstring strong.

Tree Pose 

Tree  Pose brings balance and stability in the legs. more you spend the time to do tree pose you will feel that your body postures become young.

How to do – 

  • Join your palm in mountain pose.
  • Bring your weight at left foot.
  • Touch your right foot to your left foot tighs.
  • Try to gaze one point for stability.
  • Gradually increase the time to stable in this pose.


  • Vrikashana brings stability to your legs.

Some useful tips for anti-aging

Water – drinking every day  2-3 litters water will remove wrinkle from your face and you will look younger.
Protin –  Protin diet will make you brighter.

Conclusion –

Yoga is an ancient time practice. Due to the cost-effective and natural method for look Younger. in this article we bring effective anti aging yoga poses which will help you