It has been around two months, when the Facebook research by applause were launched. So before going to our main point that is, whether it is fake or genuine. Let us have a quick overlook of how the app works and who is behind the app.

What Facebook Research  app is about and what is the work of this app.

Facebook research by applause is a feedback app or program in which you need to install an app. This app is used to monitor the network of their users. It monitors how a person uses internet and how many hours a user uses internet a day. Further the program is launched for India and US only. Further, Facebook research is handed over by onavo to applause. And those who don’t know what applause is about, it is an online testing platform, which is acts as a medium between the testers or users and the parent company of testing program.

Now what you might be thinking is, what is onavo. Onavo is a company founded in 2010 and was later acquired by Facebook. Now you might have got an idea, that the program is genuine.

Onavo Facebook research


I joined the program in June 18, as the company pays on 15 of every month. So till the date I have received two payments form applause. Below are the Screenshots of those payments and you can also watch the video for proof and to know how to join. Also I have provided step by step installation guide in the video.

Facebook research proof

However as I said I will provide each and every detail with proof, including how you can join and how much you will get for joining this program. So stay tuned.

How to join Facebook research by applause program?

In order to join the program, you need to be referred by someone to join the program. As joining via refrall process helps every new user to get their invitation or app link very soon rather than joining directly takes a lot of days to get the invitation or app link.

So how to get referred by someone. You can directly WhatsApp me your full name and email id on +917889385450 and I will refer you as soon as I will get your details. Within 24 hours(usually), you will get an email from the Facebook by applause and in it, there will be a form which will have to be filled by you and you will get an app link with unique installation code.

Copy that code as you will need to put it in the app, after the successful installation of app. This unique installation code helps them(applause) to monitor if the user is active and then they pay as per that. Now fill the details and install the app, put your unique installation code and that’s it.

How much you will be paid and how you will be paid.

You will be paid 5$’s every month for just keeping the app in your phone and you don’t have to do anything.

However, you can maximize these earnings by referring others, as I said earlier that the company is looking for Maximum number of testers in India. So they are providing a good amount on refer as well. You will get around 15$’s per refer, if you refer more than 5 friends in a month like 5 friends, 10 friends, 15 friends etc.

But if you will refer 4 friends or below then 5 friends, you will be paid 10$ per refer. However, if you refer 6, 7,8 or 9 friends in a month you will be paid 15$ * 5 and rest refers will be paid as 10$ per refer.

Payment method of the program is PayPal for Indians. From PayPal you can directly transfer that money to your bank account. So we can say that you are getting amount in your bank account.

If you still have any queries, read Facebook research by applause and you will get all your answers there