Quality packaging is required for every manufacturing, retailing and wholesale business whether on a large scale or small scale for storing, preventing, branding, and marketing purposes. Warehousing becomes more comfortable if your products are correctly packed in the wholesale business. Regardless everything eye-catching boxes also increase your sales by expanding impulse buying of your products.

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In the case of fragile products, special packaging is required to prevent perishable products from heat, sunlight, UV rays, and other climate and external factors. Secondly, packaging boxes are also applicable to serve the purpose of marketing. Indirect communication with your customers is secure through printing company’s name, logo and other related information on boxes in this way customer start recognizing your brand. Thirdly, these boxes are used for the convenience if your product is packed correctly then you can easily count the number of products, its distribution also becomes effortless. These boxes are easy to open and recluse so if you want to recheck any product you don’t need to open the whole carton you can open a single box easily. Fourthly, these boxes are barrier to protection if you deal in medicine and cosmetics then you have to face a common problem some time reaction takes place due to water evaporation, change in climate or vibration and cause to spoil your product but here packaging industry by providing proper and appropriate packaging that control and maintain temperature and protect your products from external and climate factors and gives packaging solution that almost double the lifeline of your products.

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Customization of Boxes:

Customers are now well equipped with sufficient information about the product they are going to buy as each, and everything is available to them by just one click on the internet. So they want to spend money on those products which cater to their idealization and make it right. Consequently, customization is the key to success for any business whether retail or wholesale. To satisfy their customer packaging industry also provides endless packaging options to their customer for the production of boxes. These options vary in color, styles, shape, designs, and sizes as per customer demand.

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Bulk Production for a Commercial Purpose:

Heavy machinery is used to produce bulk quantity of packaging boxes. It is a systematic process in which different steps is followed from the start to end to build boxes. Many advantages are associated with the bulk production of custom packaging.


The first advantage of bulk production it is cost efficient because a considerable number of boxes are made at a time due to which its value decreases and it suitable for wholesalers.
Maximum utilization of resources:
If you produce bulk quantity then, you are using all of your funds in their maximum utilization. The machine is already in running situation so if you create 100 rather than 10 or 20 boxes it is more efficient for you.

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Material Used:

The packaging material is one of the most important things and must take into account when you are going to produce boxes. Especially, for food item boxes the material used must be according to international health standards. Some commonly used materials are;

Cardboard Material:

It is a general type of material that usually contains many kinds of material like paper and board. These boxes are less expensive and easily recyclable. These boxes are sometimes laminated by a sheet that prevents the products from heat, sunlight, and other external factors. Big cartons of cardboard are used to deliver a massive quantity of products.

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Corrugated Material:

These boxes are usually thick because the zigzag layer of the sheet is placed or pressed into two plain sheets to increase the durability and strength of the box. These boxes are used to transport or ship products at faraway places. The corrugated material has high absorption capacity, and it can quickly absorb atmospheric moisture and prevent the product inside from condensation. Water ink is used for printing on these boxes because of their excellent absorption capacity. These boxes are typically used for a bulk quantity of products.

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The Production Process for Bulk Quantity:

A step by step process is applied to make the production process easy. Idealization, it is the first step of the production process. Before going for packaging decision, you must have some ideas about your product packaging, and it is the most challenging task to shape your thoughts into reality. Once you have a clear view, then it is easy to design that idea, and it is the second step in production. In the third step select good quality material for boxes you are going to produce. Before going for large-scale production forth a vital step is sampling and testing and when the quality of boxes is up to mark then go for the last level that is large production.