To down South Turkey, there is a fantastic coastal city of Antalya. It is the gateway to the entire Mediterranean Sea. Here, crystal clear waters, ancient ruins of a Roman-era are extremely popular with tourists. Antalya Holidays are extremely popular all throughout the year. From historical attractions to dramatic landscape, the destination offers everything to suit the taste of all sorts of holidaymakers. Beaches need no introduction, they are absolute bliss. This post highlights top landmark sights that you should explore on a vacation.

Best Attractions – Antalya Holidays

Old TownOld Town Antalya

Kaleici is a wonderful tourist destination to explore; this old town reminds the history of Turkey. Whitewashed buildings, boutique shops, cobbled streets and best restaurants in the town are more appealing. While planning a Cheap Holidays to Antalya, ensure that you do not skip this old world. There are plenty of attractions worth exploring which includes the fortress gate, Mosque, Roman temple, Byzantine Church and numerous attractions. Spend a complete day exploring the vibrant surroundings of the town.

Antalya HarborAntalya Harbor

The harbor in Antalya is the most picturesque one in the world. Lined up with pretty cafes, bazaars, yachts, and shops offering some fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea is more appealing,  Some 2000 years ago, this place was the major economic center. People wait eagerly to experience the wonderful sunsets in the evening. It is one of the best experiences on Antalya Holidays.

Rich History in Museum

Discover the rich history of Turkey from Bronze Age in Antalya Museum. It displays some excellent articles, mostly archaeological findings, of all the civilizations that lived here. From Bronze to Byzantine era, you will find many artifacts, gives you the glimpse of history in the Museum. Not just history buffs, everyone should, particularly families, to offer some educational experience.

Yivli MinareYivli Minare

The Minare boasts unique Seljuk style of architecture. It is one of the landmark sights on Turkey coast, built by the legendary Sultan of Turkey, Alaeddin Keykubad. The minaret, piercing the blue skies, has a square shaped base, some ornate shaped style of makeup to the exteriors; the minaret gives you a glimpse of engineering ability and architectural prowess of Seljuks. This medieval age mosque is a fantastic place to discover on a holiday. While planning a Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Antalya, ensure that this site is included in the best things to do list.

Hadrian’s GateHadrian's Gate antalya

The gate is the major sight of historical prominence dating back to the Roman era. This is the main entrance of Kaleici district; it features the well-preserved walls of Roman and Hellenistic era. Historically the gate was erected in the early medieval era, to welcome Emperor Hadrian. This imposing three-arched structure has the finest architecture with the best decorations. It gives an otherworldly feel to pleasure seekers on Antalya Holidays.

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