The immigration lawyers confessed their responsibilities to give their client a fair chance under the law, to help them navigate the system and proceedings. An attorney general said that they have been called ‘dirty immigration lawyers’, just because they strive to aid the immigrants and asylum seekers to lie on the documents only.


The misconception is the law field is more like a money-making a machine, however, every lawyer in the field working for their citizens is a person of integrity and honor. The lawyers thrive to make the world peaceful and better place to live.

Usually, the immigrants living in the US are scared, heartbroken or confused about their future or life. They couldn’t understand the difference between everything in their country and in the US. Most of them keep the fear of government authorities with their selves all the time. On the other hand, the clients of immigration lawyers in Fairfax VA perform any illegal action, like drugs, minor criminal infraction, or immigration rules and policies violations. The immigration lawyers, with the support of criminal defense lawyer, deal with the case and navigate the court proceedings in a way that the case will be succeeded and the client would not have to face serious issues, being an immigrant.

Solidifying Your Immigration Case:

The business of immigration lawyers in Fairfax, VA becomes easy sometimes, usually, when the immigrant is working hard in the country and contributing in the society through their own business or job or being a valued community member. For instance, an immigrant came who was doing his business in the US for years. After having an issue and court proceedings, he got a permanent residence in the US. Though not all cases are the same, some become so worse that even the immigration lawyer couldn’t handle the situation.

The lawyers can only encourage the client to lie, they couldn’t change the documentation. It is under the obligations of the lawyer to keep the facts of the case original. In case of fraud, the attorney will be answerable to the judges. The lawyers do not put on their own license of performing the lawful activity while conducting the violating rules.

The lawyers keep on track about the immigrant activities, and keep them protected, and ask questions of them. It is under their right. Because in the case of any criminal activity the situation can get worse.

Rights of Immigrants:

There are certain rights which immigrants do not have once they have detained;

  • The right to counsel
  • The right to be eligible for a bond after locking up for a period of time
  • Right to judge

Bringing justice for the client depends on the competency of the lawyer, if it is, then the crime of the client does not matter, to win the case. The quality of justice in a country will get worse. Injustice will lead to frustration and fear in the minds of the immigrants which can influence their health. Moreover, the damaged health of the immigrants will affect the country, as they are somewhere contributing the in the economy of the country. Thus, considering immigrants as an asset for the country would help to gain what your people cannot do. Suppose, sports good manufacturer from Pakistan. Thus, an immigration lawyer in Fairfax, VA are struggling the immigrants to survive in the US.