It is a fact that washing machines have become an integral part of electronic appliances in the home. And yes, buying the correct washing machine is a challenge. You need to pay attention to the number of family members, the amount of detergent and quality, maintenance and the warranty. So before buying a washing machine, it is necessary to know the amount of clothes it can wash. And there are two types of washing machines such as front loading and top loading, fully automatic and semi automatic etc. In this particular article, we will draw focus on the drum sizes in the washing machines.


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  1. Unequal Drum Sizes

Please note that the drum sizes in all the washing machines will never be the same. There are misconceptions, that all washing machines will have the same capacity. Let us imagine, you take a five kg load washing machine of seven brands. One brand model will load more number of clothes than the other. The deciding factors are the door glass and drum paddles. Now with your permission shall we venture to the different sizes of drums?


  1. Six KG Drum Capacity


In prior times, the size capacity used to be four to five kg, but now six kg is the standard minimum for any brand. If you are a nuclear family and tend to wash clothes two times during a week, this drum capacity should act fine.


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  1. Eight KG

Usually these drums are large and can accomodate the clothes of a six member nuclear family in the weekends. However, ensure that you remove iron articles in the trousers and just check if the pants have a sharp edged buckle. In case, yes, then remove the cloth. Or else the other clothes will suffer damage.


Shall we take the example of an individual who has specified the amount of clothes that can be washed once in a eight kg load washing machine?


  • Ten pairs of underwear
  • Two pairs of trousers
  • Eight pairs of socks
  • Two cotton shirts
  • One pair of shorts
  • Three T-shirts
  1. History

If you look at the history of washing machines, you find that first drum of the washing machine in the 1970s weighed 4.5 kilograms. Now compare the models. They were half in size.


The reason, the manufacturers in various brands prepare models of different sizes are with regards to a family. And yes, geographical locations also matter. In a country of urban population and nuclear families, the housewife can do with the 6 kg model. Where as in another country which prefers joint families, it will prefer of having the washing machine with the largest drum. Now you know the reason for the medium shaped machines. Even a nuclear family can wash many clothes at the same time and there won’t be any wear and tear

  1. Do Bigger Drums Make You Save Money?

Agreed, your family may be big or small. But a large drum will need more water and energy. Now, think of the electricity bills. If you buy a large drum, but still use the similar way of nuclear family for clothes, then it is a waste of money. Now, please do not make use of the washing machine every day just because you have bought a larger drum washing machine.


  1. How Do You Check If The Load Is Full?

Many try the palm trick. If you place the hand, and it can slide easily between the clothes and the wall of the drum, then that is the best load size. If you are facing difficulty, try taking the heavy cloth out. In case you feel more space, then add the relevant clothes to the dryer to save wastage of water. In case you have less number of clothes than the normal load, then check if you have the half load setting in the machine. By making use of this option, you can use less quantity of water than a normal full load.


  1. Types Of Drums

Please note that similar to different kinds of washing machines, you can also get various kinds of drums. It depends on the materials, patterns, position and other factors. Regarding the plastic drum, the model is very common and comes at a very affordable price. Usually, you can find them in semi-automatic as well fully-automatic models. One of the biggest advantages is that the plastic drum can get cleaned easily. It does not get affected to harsh hard water.


When it comes to the steel drum, you can find the type in both front loading and top loading washing machine. But please note, every brand have their own ways of designing the steel drum. Their primary focus will to ensure that the clothes of the customers do not get damaged. The clothes should come out clean and fresh after the washing and spinning cycles.

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There are many advantages of choosing a large drum washing machine. Other than saving the water, electricity costs, it may have additional features when making the wash for bedsheets and curtains. In case of a small washing machine, you can rarely see the same features. The washing machine is designed to be hard, as it has to do a lot of features. Usually a washing machine gives its best, but it is not invisible. If not properly maintained, then it can go to the repair mode. Let us imagine, you stay in Hyderabad. Your washing machine has given its best work for the last five years. But your son had many metal coins in his pocket, and because of the process, the drum has become corroded. You need to call a qualified repair technician for washing machine service in Hyderabad. You need not depend on referrals nor on established websites. There are many home maintenance companies in Hyderabad which provide top quality handyman professionals at the customer’s doorstep. All you have to do is to download their app and book the service as per your convenience. You will get a call before the scheduled date to confirm the schedule and also the nature of repair. On the specific day, the concerned technician will come and restore the appliance back to normal.