Maharaja Express Vs Place on Wheels

India is a land popular for its architectural marvels, idyllic landscapes, historical significance and cultural diversity. Travelers from all over the world come to explore the beauty of this incredible nation. Wondering what could be the best way of traveling through this fascinating country? I suggest you think big and you think about luxury trains. A number of luxury trains like the Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, etc. As every train has its own luxurious specifications and services provided, it might be difficult to decide which will provide you with the best experience. To tell you the truth, the main competition lies between the Maharaja Express and the Palace on Wheels.

So, let’s have a look at what makes each of them special and compare their features:

The Launch Date

The Palace of Wheels is the oldest luxury train in India that was launched in 1982. It is a luxury coach that heavily reflects heritage and culture of famous destinations like Jaipur, Delhi and Agra- the famous golden triangle destinations of the country.

The Maharajas’ Express is comparatively a new luxury train that was launched in 2010. This definitely assures us that its structure and design has been influenced by the qualities and challenges faced in trains launched earlier.

Budget and Payment

Budget is considered one of the vital parts of any travel. A planned travel through The Maharajas’ Express or The Palace on Wheels isn’t any different. Travelling in the Maharaja train might be a little more expensive than the Palace on Wheels. But that’s because it is a premium carriage that offers a myriad of facilities and amenities that are far more superior than those offered by the Palace on Wheels. It also offers multiple itineraries that cover more destinations than Palace on Wheels.

The Journey Always Matters

One of the major states that are covered by both train is Rajasthan, the land that is painted with the valor of the brave Rajput men and women. The resplendent forts and magnificent palaces will surely catch your attention. With the Maharajas Express, there is more variety as it offers five different itineraries to choose from that cover more destinations and ultimately takes its passengers to a greater number of attractions. In comparison, the Palace on Wheels just offers a single itinerary. Moreover, the Maharaja train has RFID door locks, electronic safe, fire alarms & extinguishers in each guest cabin, Possibly making it a better choice.

The Comfort Quotient

Nobody wants to be disturbed while taking a nap. Palace on Wheels has gone a little a rusty and train wheels against the rails generate loud noise that may interrupt a passenger’s sleep. To tackle the problem, Maharajas’ Express has a pneumatic suspension system to provide smoother rides.

Both these trains have live television, Wi-Fi, attached bathrooms, and DVD players. However, the Palace on Wheels has onboard additional spa facility which is an optional offboard activity at a luxury hotel listed in the Maharajas Express’ itinerary.

In terms of services, Maharaj train wins the battle with exotic drinks being served in Swarovski crystal glasses and the food in gold-plated cutlery.

Recognition & Awards

The Maharajas’ Express has been a winner of the world’s most luxurious train for five consecutive years starting from 2012 to 2017. It has stood strong against competitors like leading trains such as the Royal Scotsman, Venice Simplon Orient Express and the Rovos Rail etc.

Wrapping Up

If money is not a problem, then definitely go for the Maharajas’ Express. But if you want to get mesmerized with the romance and elegance of a bygone era, you should travel by the Palace on Wheels. You can always analyze what features and level of comfort you are looking for on a journey and make your choice.