Smartphones have replaced the use of cameras changing the lifestyle of people. One reason can be the price of smartphones which is affordable than that of a DSLR camera. Smartphones give all the necessary features to edit a picture like that of a camera. Users can edit a picture using the different color schemes and templates available. As you know, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, Honor has introduced their selfie camera phone into the market. Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Apple’s iPhone 8 plus are also launched in the market with the amazing camera features. To fulfill the never-ending demands of users, mobile app development companies are researching about the best camera features in the upcoming smartphones. Without any delay, check out these android apps that you can use to edit your picture-

Aviary Photo Editor

This is a multi-functional android application that you can use to edit the images. You can crop an image, add filter, colors, background, blur and other effects. Using this editor you can enhance your recently captured picture to upload on Instagram or any other social media channel.

Aviary Photo Editor android app - SITSL


You can download this android application from the play store for free. Snapseed is a user-friendly app that provides twenty editing tools. You can do editing using the different clickable buttons designed on the screen. After doing the necessary edits, you can export the picture to the phone gallery or any other location you want.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

It provides a never-ending list of editing tools that you can use easily. You have to select a raw picture, to  begin with, editing. You can also save and share the picture you have edited. Adobe Photoshop Express organizes your edited images in a manner you can easily retrieve them.

Image result for Adobe Photoshop Express android app


Mobile users are dependent on the  Mobility Solutions provider to place their demands; most importantly for the photo editor app. Pixlr is best to be used if you want to greet someone for their special occasion as it provides options to create a collage. You can change the layout styles like three images in a row or five images in a column as per your wish.

Image result for Pixlr android app

YouCam Perfect

You can a personalized experience using YouCam Perfect app; it is easy to modify your picture by using tools to remove dark circles, blur the background, color combinations and to slim your face. YouCam Perfect makes your photo editing experience the best moment for you.

Image result for YouCam Perfect android app

Intuitive user interface designs of Android applications have attracted users on a large scale. In today’s era where people are replacing the camera with the camera phone, android applications have provided better options. The pictures edited from the above described mobile apps will help you to build an attractive social media profile.