Across the world, if any operation involves precision cutting or injection mold making today, there are high chances that there is an extensive application of carbide cutting tools. Carbide cutters are available for saw blades, face mills, indexable end mills etc. Indexable cutting tools are also found ubiquitous today among the tool manufacturers across the world. Indexable cutters are typically made of steel and bring more precision to inserts than traditional solid tools.

carbide cutting tools

With their multi-purpose capabilities, unprecedented durability and availability in a wide range, they’ve been quick to become favorites of tooling manufacturers at the global level.

Here is a quick look at why carbide cutting tools are getting popular so rapidly.

More precision

Carbide tools are able to make finer and cleaner cuts. This ensures that there is minimal grain-damage. Besides, when the cuts are accurate, it allows better fits and stronger bonds. Additionally, it also mitigates the likelihood of woodworking accidents.

Longer shelf-life

Certain tooling processes involve cutting materials that may contain minute particles of silica or other materials or debris like rock, nails etc. If you’re using a regular steel blade for cutting, the chances are that these particles end up damaging the blade. That’s why tooling manufacturers these days are using the coating of various materials on carbide milling cutting tools so that they have a longer shelf-life and they continue to work at a high efficiency for a longer time when compared to other cutting tools.

As it generally happens, high-speed cutting tools are exposed to high temperatures and over usage, their edges become dull and require frequent replacements. However, in carbide-tipped cutters, the temperature doesn’t impact the effectiveness. Moreover, carbide tools possess a really high resistance and their finish quality is better than that of solid tools.

Lower cost of operations

One major advantage of indexable carbide end mills is that they have that with the indexable mechanism in place, there is no need to detach the cutting tool to sharpen it every now and then. You simply have to unclamp the insert and to flip it and clamp from the fresh side. If needed, you can totally replace it with a new insert. This process eliminates the need for stalling the production for a long time and saves a significant amount of time and money for you.

In many cases, indexable tools can replace solid carbide cutting tools and since the carbide costs are on the rise, this saves you a considerable investment and brings down your operational costs. And giving them a try only makes sense as their performance is no less than and in fact, better than solid carbide cutters in some aspects.

Customized product line

Another advantage of indexable end mills is that they come in a wide variety so that you can easily find what works the best for your specific cutting requirements. The shapes and sizes of indexable cutters are made by the industry standards and the process is overseen and governed by industry bodies. Therefore, you have limitless options to pick from for what works for you.

In addition to providing their unique advantages, carbide cutting tools and indexable end mills can help the tooling manufacturers utilize the skills of their specialists in a better manner and achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity.