Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that touches the ground. They are responsible not only to carry the whole weight but also to move it on the roads. Although proper cleaning and regular maintenance extend their life, they tend to wear out gradually. Lack of control on breaking and turning, excessive vibration and difficulty to drive on wet roads are the clear signs indicating the need for new tyres.

When it comes to purchasing a new pair of tyres for your car, you will be flooded with hundreds of brands, which are claiming to offer the best car tyre deals. If you look into the prices and product features, you will see a significant difference. This might confuse you to spot out a suitable pair for your vehicle.

If this is your first attempt to purchase tires for your car, you will likely to pick the same brand your auto-manufacturer has fitted at the time of making. You may also purchase from another brand at a reasonable cost. Saving some money is not a bad idea as long as the pieces of another brand are fulfilling your requirements and matches with the tire size fitted in your vehicle.

What else should you know about purchasing tyres?

When you step down in the market to buy a new pair of tires for your car, you will be amazed to see that tyre shopping is no longer restricted to brands. You have to take care of other things like season, performance and speed ratings as well. Vendors are selling a range of varieties from all season varieties to climatic types. All brands are offering all kinds of maximum customer engagement. What you need to check is to identify your requirements and budget to make an informed decision.

Note: Protect you from making a mistake to buy an all-season variety. Tires are made from rubber, which can get harder at a lower temperature. This can seriously compromise the braking distance.

Here I am sharing few tips, which will help you to find the best tire deal for your car.

Confirm the need of a new pair

Before you visit local automobile shops and stores, carefully inspect the current pair to check excessive tread wear, cracks in sidewalls and discoloured bulges on the surface. High degree of wear and tear makes it necessary to change the existing pair. However, if you know, this pair is more than seven years old and still looking fine, replace them immediately to avoid accidents.

Make a sensible choice

Avoid selecting an expensive brand just to impress your neighbors. Your primary focus to purchase a new pair is to resolve existing problem and ensures a safe drive for you. You don’t need to run behind the brands or replace the worn pair with the same manufacturer. You can freely select from any brand that is fulfilling your primary needs.

Compare prices

Prices may vary from brand to brand. You can even find price differences at independent dealers and authorized chains and automobile dealers. During checking and comparing prices make sure the price includes the charges of mounting, balancing and disposal of worn tires.

Shop online

Online shopping from a local shopping website is less expensive as compared to local shops. They usually have discounted offers, which significantly reduce the prices. So don’t miss to avail such offers.

Summary: These are few simple tips you can follow to find the best car tyre deals.