Start-up companies have experienced a tremendous and unpredictable growth from past five years. Many companies such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Uber, and Twitter have become billion dollar companies overnight. This tremendous success has inspired many to leave their jobs and corporate worlds, working from nine to five and to hunt out their own.

Cameron Chell

It’s true that everyone wants to get rich in no time and everyone sees business as their way to become one. For example, some ten years before no one knew about Facebook, no one was aware of what was going in the world. As the Internet is growing faster and its accessibility also is increasing, these online social media has gained pace.

Cameron Chell, an author, entrepreneur, and CEO of Business Instincts Group (BIG) believes its time for start-ups to really focus on acquiring markets. Chell has got over 25 years of experience in starting and growing startups. By the age of 33, Cameron had been a focused athlete and was a self-made success. By just having $35 in the pocket made a remarkable change both in his life, wealth and health will make us hard to believe about his hard work and believe which he had within himself. BIG is a venture creation firm. Cameron Chell’s first startup was in the 1990s, Futurelink, the original cloud computing company. He also started “Slyce” which was a visual search company that he co-founded and is now publically owned. Chell’s businesses are usually comprised of guiding principles such as alignment and measurement.

He once said, “The Advantage of a Startup is that you don’t have to get it right”. Chell has gained enough in past year than the entrepreneurs taking it to be enough of an accomplishment for one year. Last week, he was at Vegas at Consumer Electronic Show, officially launching his first product from his new startup called Trace. Trace raised $2.5 million in December.

Cameron Chell

 What Exactly is TRACE?

Trace is a camera with built-in facial recognition software that can independently follow its user. This caught everyone’s attention at the Customer Electronic Show when the device was released. The camera has the ability to get attached to a drone, quadcopter drone, RC car and a tripod stand, allowing every user which used to use Go-Pro cameras to move from here to there. Chell says, he doesn’t see Trace as a hardware startup. He also said, “Our goal is to build the largest live video network in the world”

This spec is what makes Trace different from its competitors. The Trace Live Network allows users to upload their videos as they start shooting them on the go. This is Chell’s number one goal, to make everyone able to record their history. Chell says, visual intelligence software has come to an end, “Wireless had to be everywhere” and has to get automated video editing software and should be capable enough to pick out relevant moments’.

At Vegas, the launch of Trace was a bit of a test-run for Chell for when it actually starts shipping. “It creates a rallying point for your team,” he says, like “becoming a mini-operational company”.