Used phones have a lot of value. While new models are coming into the market at lower prices every other day, the prices of used phones are dropping too. Certain situations suit a used smartphone better than a new one. If you’re buying a phone for the first time, a used phone will allow you to get used to the concept of smartphones without worrying that you’ll destroy the phone while learning how to use it.

Used phones are also good bets for young users and for users who are buying a second phone as a spare. Or if you’re waiting for a replacement of an older version or the launch of a new phone in the coming months, a used phone may suffice in the meanwhile. Buying a used phone online can save you big bucks. Here are a few tips to look into while buying –

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Look for one model past. Since smartphone makers thrive on launching new models every year, and since most users have the urge to have the latest phone in their hands, the last year’s model gets exchanged pretty quick. A technology of today gives phones at least 2-3 years of good service and last year’s models will continue receiving all software and app updates. There may not be a warranty, but since the model is relatively new, you can be certain of getting spare parts in case you need to get the phone serviced while you’re using it.

Stay away from unlocked phones. Unlocked phones may not receive software upgrades and that puts the user at a security risk. Also, the standard applications of cloud storage and Find Your Phone may not work on unlocked phones. Unless you know how to root and re-install your own software or mods, don’t buy an unlocked phone. Get a phone which was bought in your country and will be covered by the company’s local policies.

Look for accessories. One key reason people change their phones is that of new accessories which may not be available for older devices. While most exchanged phones come with original accessories, there are some which will get sold without the add-ons. For older phones, finding accessories can turn out to be difficult – especially if you’re living in a country different from where the original phone was manufactured. When you buy online, make sure that the entire box is coming to your – headphones, charger, user guide, and the phone.

Buy phones with cash back options. Since most used phones are sold by the respective users and not by companies, finding sites which offer product refunds is difficult. Look for and find a site which offers return options in case you’re not happy with what you receive. It is common to see sellers fudge information about the phone being sold, and you don’t want to get lulled into buying a lemon.

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