bluehost discountWith the highly advanced and innovative user interface, Bluehost provides you the finest quality hosting. At the same time, Bluehost also provides the three simple and understandable hosting plans. Well, I have already provided you a brief intro of what we’re gonna do today, YES we will be reviewing the Bluehost online hosting providing the website.

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Google Integration:

So, first of all, exploring the home page of Bluehost we find the advertisements of their all new technology in hosting. They also offer the Google Integration service which is really nice because you will be provided with the power and support of all Google Apps. Some Google Apps are quite handy sometimes so that’s a big deal with the Bluehost.

The Best Web Hosting Web Hosting Services Bluehost

24/7 Support:

They also provide the 24/7 tech support service which enables you to drive away yourself when stuck. Bluehost provides you the free guide and videos for the customer care service. You can call them whenever you need their help, they will be available throughout a week.

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Money-Back Guarantee:

Next, comes the Money-Back Guarantee which is a quite interesting thing to deal with. They offer you the money-back guarantee and don’t keep you hang upon a contract. Whenever you want to stop the deal, you are free to do so by NOT paying a single penny as hidden charges.

The Best Web Hosting Bluehost money back Guarantee

Hosting Plans:

Bluehost provides three types of hosting plans; shared hosting @ $3.45/m, VPS hosting @ $29.99/m and the Dedicated Hosting @ $149.99/month. So, just look at the shared one first. For your own satisfaction, click here to visit yourself.

Shared Hosting:

Shared Web Hosting Plans Fast Secure Shared Hosting Bluehost

The Basic plan comes up with the 50 GB of website space, unmetered bandwidth, 5 email accounts, 1 active domain, 5 parked domains and only 25 sub-domains. Everything in basic plan seems to be limited as it charges only $3.95 per month. If the specifications of the Basic plan is compared with the price, then it’s a nice deal but most of the bloggers don’t go for the Basic plan as it doesn’t fulfill their requirements.

Now, the second plan is of Plus plan which offers the unmetered website space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited parked domains, unlimited sub-domains, and unlimited email accounts in just $5.95 per month.

The Prime Plan comes up with the same plan as of Plus plan but the things which are additional in this plan includes 1 Domain Privacy and the Site Backup Pro. The Prime plans come in $5.95 per month.

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VPS Hosting:

VPS Hosting Plans Web Hosting with SSD Storage Bluehost


The VPS hosting was specially designed for the regularly used servers or the servers which get busy when the traffic increases. To increase the reliability and credibility of the website, Bluehost provides you the 4 plans of VPS hosting to solve the issue of server over loading and server-unresponsiveness.

The first is Standard Plan costs $19.99 per month which is comprised of 2 CPU Cores, 30GB SAN Storage, 2GB available RAM, Unlimited of bandwidth, 1 included domain, only 1 IP address along with the money-back guarantee and the 24/7 support.

The Enhanced Plan is the Bluehost’s second plan which comes up with 2 CPU Cores, 60GB SAN storage, and 4GB available RAM, 2TB of bandwidth, 1 included domain and 2 IP addresses. The money-back guarantee and the 24/7 support is available for all of the plans. This package costs $29.99 per month.

The third plan is termed as the Premium Plan whose overall cost is $59.99 per month. This package includes the 3 CPU Cores, 120GB SAN of storage, 6GB available RAM, 3TB of bandwidth, 1 included domain, 2 IP addresses. That’s all.

The fourth one is the Ultimate Plan which includes the 4 CPU Cores, 240GB SAN, 8GB available RAM and the most important and the ultimate item is 4TB of bandwidth, which is more than enough.

Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated Web Server Hosting Services Bluehost

The dedicated hosting provided by the Bluehost is something really amazing and astonishing because here’s the point where you can call something YOUR OWN! The entire server will be yours giving you the extraordinary performance and ultra-high speed. This hosting package has three different plans.

The Standard Plan is the first plan that will cost you $79.99 per month. This plan contains the speed of 4 cores, 8 Threads , 500GB (Mirrored) storage, 4GB available Ram, 3 IP addresses. The things which are common in all the plans are the included domains which are 1, the money-back guarantee and the 24/7 support service.

The Enhanced Plan comes at the 2nd position giving you the same CPU speed and same storage capacity as of the first plan. But here the available RAM is 8GB, a number of IP addresses are 4 and the Bandwidth is 10TB. The overall cost of this plan will be $99.99 per month.

The third and the last plan is the Premium Plan which will cost you $119.99 per month. You will be provided with the 4 x 3.3 GHz CPU, 1TB (Mirrored) storage and the 15TB of bandwidth. The number of IP addresses is 5 which will enhance your functionality.

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Negative Points:

The one downside of the Bluehost is that no doubt it provides the 24/7 customer service support but it is noticed by many of us that it is a little bit of lagging when someone contacts the support. Many bloggers have told us that it is quite slow to get responses from the experts of the Bluehost. The reason may be the busy communication line, but literally, if you want to contact the customer support, you will be suffering from the very time-taking activity. Well, USUALLY no one needs to contact the support, but if your issue is serious and you want to contact then you should waste a bit of your time for this.

Overall review:

Well, if you are REALLY looking for the fast loading speed on all of your domains, I will highly recommend you to pick the Bluehost as it will truly fulfill your requirements. As a blogger, I personally recommend you to go for Bluehost’s option. Literally, it’s the one of the best that I have found yet on the internet.