Blogger outreach is a wonderful digital marketing tool that enables brands to build consumer loyalty by partnering with influential bloggers in their area of business. The process involves finding, contacting and collaborating with successful bloggers for promoting your brand through guest posts, product reviews, event invites, social media mentions and so forth.

An efficient blogging outreach strategy helps brands get in front of a large pool of potential customers quickly and easily. Here are five QandAs that will help you decipher the basics of blogging outreach.

Why is every brand suddenly interested in collaborating with bloggers?

There is a wealth of internet marketing research showing business owners and marketers that an endorsement by an established, trusted and popular blogger or influencer has way more impact on today’s consumers than conventional advertising.

With social media and online shopping disrupting the way people used to buy stuff, a promotional mention or a genuine review from a social media influencer can catapult the online visibility and consequently the sales of a product or service.

How should I choose an influencer or blogger for business collaboration?

First and foremost, identify and make a list of successful and popular bloggers who may want to write about your product or service and shortlist the ones that seem like a good fit.

Take the time to read several posts on the website as well as the blogger’s social media handles. Observe how they conduct themselves, the quality of writing, current brand associations and any controversial content they may have posted off late. Don’t forget to read the comments on their blog posts and social media pages.

Determine if the blogger’s style is the right fit for your brand and size up their fan following. Once you’ve found a perfect match, it’s time to reach out, but remember to contact only one influencer at a time.

What is the best way to get in touch with a blogger?

Write a professional but personalized email introducing your brand and company. You must read a few guest posts by the blogger before contacting them. Mention a couple of posts that you liked and then explain why you believe they’re the right fit for your brand and vice versa.

Conclude your email with an outline of how the blogger stands to benefit from the collaboration. Remember to write a crisp and clear email and avoid sounding desperate.

What if a blogger does not reply to my email?

Send one gentle reminder either via email or through social media. That’s all. If there’s still no reply, move on and contact the next influencer on your shortlist.

This sounds like too much work. Is it better to outsource?

For a quicker turnaround and easy access to a large pool of influential bloggers in your industry, it makes sense to outsource the task to a premium and result-driven blogger outreach service.
Pick an agency that specializes in delivering bespoke outreach programs that are affordable yet effective and designed to service your specific business niche.