The skin may be the body’s first line of defense against harm from the outside, but the skin is not impermeable. Many people query whether substances that are rubbed on the skin can get inside and have any effect. But the skin can and does let substances through, so transdermal magnesium and other beneficial substances do affect.

But skin is not completely impermeable: it does allow some substances to pass from the outside in. Those who are very allergic to peanuts learn very quickly that what touches the skin can affect the way the body reacts and works – all they have to do is touch the slightest bit of peanut butter and they go into major anaphylactic shock. Quite clearly, a substance has passed through the skin and into the body to trigger this violent reaction. Those who don’t suffer from an allergy to peanuts can try a simple experiment to demonstrate that the skin does allow substances through into the body. Take a slice of garlic and rub it on the soles of your feet. Wait a few hours and then ask someone to smell your breath – you’ll have garlic breath, so it might be a good idea to go and eat some parsley or clean your teeth.

Having the idea of on how the Best transdermal magnesium Delivery takes place is the major principle behind some conventional and alternative medicine practices. Like Patches which are used to help people quit smoking the patches deliver nicotine via the skin, helping wean a smoker off the addiction and are also used as a contraceptive method. Aromatherapy also is based on the idea that beneficial substances can be absorbed via the skin. This principle is quite important when it comes to transdermal magnesium delivery.

Often, magnesium taken as a dietary supplement in tablet form is not absorbed properly by the body, and this vital mineral is passed out of the body and goes to waste. For you to get the benefits of magnesium in the system, it needs to be delivered in a form that gets into the bloodstream as quickly as possible. One option is to take magnesium in liquid form; another is to take transdermal magnesium. Applying this mineral via the skin allows it to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

This element “Magnesium” is one of the most important minerals in the human system, as it is needed for nearly everything that goes on at the cellular level: tissue repair, muscle movement, nerve responses, growth and more! Magnesium deficiency is quite common and often manifests (in its early stages) as tiredness, mood disorders, lack of energy and loss of appetite. One of the symptoms of severe magnesium deficiency is potentially life-threatening, including heart failure.

Best Transdermal magnesium delivery comes in the form of an oil, which can be used as a massage oil or in the bath. The beneficial effects of bathing in hot mineral waters have been known for millennia, with many traditional hot springs used therapeutically being rich in magnesium as well as other minerals. Magnesium is also abundant in seawater, which also has a long tradition of being used for health-promoting bathing.