With the weather warming up, it’s time to let the little ones out to roam the wild outdoors. Kids love playing outdoors and parents love to sit back and let their little ones explore. No matter how old your kids are, they’ll love being outdoors during summer.

The only problem with playing outdoors is the prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. It’s important to ensure that your child is adequately protected to prevent issues such as sun burn as well as the possibility of overheating. If you’re wondering how you can protect your little one’s from the sun this summer, you may want to consider some of the sun hats listed below.

Explorer sun hats :-  Let your little one explore the wild outdoors with full protection from dangerous UV rays with this sun hat. It features a wide brim and is made from a light weight material. It’s no wonder it’s the preferred choice amongst travelers and explorers. You’ll see archeologists wearing these hats while on a dig. The wide brim provides adequate cover for the head, face and shoulders. The lightweight material ensures that their little heads can breathe. It’s like having an umbrella over you at all times.

Bucket hats :-  These floppy hats are a great way to ensure your child gets the cover they need and look cool doing so. These hats are lightweight and come in a wide variety of prints. While these hats are unisex, there are some prints and patterns that make cute hats for girls and others that make cool hats for boys. These are great choices for older children who may be more selective about what they wear. Your child, no matter how old, will not have a problem sporting this hat at the playground.

Outdoor researcher sun hat :-  This is a variation of the explorer sun hat. It features an extra wide brim for even greater sun protection. The material used is designed to wick moisture away from the head thus ensuring complete comfort for your child as they play.

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These hats come in a wide variety of fun colors and shapes. They are great for an outdoor excursion or even a trip to the zoo. They also have a chinstrap that you can use to secure the hat on your child. It also helps to keep the hat from getting lost when your child decides they’ve had enough of it and push it back.

Snug sunhat :-  These often come with fun prints and are made from a light cotton fabric. They are easy to wear and have an adjustable chinstrap to secure the hat. The flappable brim ensures that you can adjust the shade provided by the hat for your child’s comfort making them a great choice for the playground. The hats have a wide brim and are often made from cotton, which absorbs sweat to ensure comfort.

The fedora :-  These cool hats for kids are a great choice if you want to offer your child protection from the sun and ensure that they look stylish while doing so. These hats are made with woven materials that allow ample circulation of air. The wide brim will ensure that your child is provided with ample protection from the sun. Your child can keep cool and look great doing it with this hat.

Flap sun hats :-  These hats offer even greater protection for your child. They have a long flap at the back that covers the neck as well as the ears to provide ample shade. They are often made from lightweight material that is breathable and this ensures that they can be folded away and stuffed into backpacks when they’re no longer needed.

Choose a hat that provides ample protection and adds a touch of fun and style to your child’s outfit. The hats above are a great place to start your search.