Halong Bay is considered one of famous places you need to discover when you travel to Vietnam and especially, when you want to have an amazing Northern Vietnam tour. Nowadays, you have many options for Northern Vietnam tour, especially Halong Bay, a large of tourism agencies sale it. But, if your trip could not last long, and you would like to discover Ha Long Bay by yourself, let check 5 best places to visit in Halong Bay with us.

The first place that you must note in your list in “Halong Bay must see places” is Bai Tho Mountain. It is located among Ha Long City. From many different views, you can see Bai Tho Mountain has many shapes like lion, dragon, tiger. The height of Bai Tho Mountain is 168 meters and from here you can catch an attractive seeing. You can oversee almost Ha Long City from here and of course Ha Long Bay – World Heritage Site.

And another best place to see in Ha Long Bay is Bai Chay. Bai Chay is located along Ha Long Bay. This is an ideal place for relaxing and swimming. With average temperature is just about 20oC and windy year round.

If anybody ask you “Where are the best place to see in Halong?”, let tell them about Tuan Chau Island. Tuan Chau Island is the most beautiful island in 1969 islands belongs Halong Bay. And specially, this is the only island has people live. Moreover, the biggest artificial beach of Viet Nam. With white sand, blue sea, Tra Co beach is an ideal place for people loving beach’s game.

Could not say you come Halong Bay if you do not discover Thien Cung Cavern. Thien Cung Cavern is the one of Halong Bay must see places. It is located in North of Dau Go Island about 4 kilometers in South. The large of Thien Cung Cavern is about 10.000 meters square. The structure of this cave is really complicated, it includes many floors, many sections with many ceiling and wall are too high and large. Especially, you can see stalactites with strange shapes everywhere in Thien Cung Cavern.

Next place you can visit after visiting Thien Cung Cavern is Dau Go Cave. Also located in Dau Go Island, far from Thien Cung Cavern about 300 meters. Dau Go Cave is a stunning cave. The French calls this cave “Cave of Wonders”. Fauna and flora are abundant. Therefore, it makes Dau Go Cave particular and different from others.

You can get a tour via Halong Bay Cruise packages from tourism agencies if you want to save time but want to visit more places than. It has many Halong Bay cruise packages for you to choose, it is different from the schedule, places and of course different prices. You can choose a suitable tour. But, you discover Halong Bay by yourself or via packages tour, let visit 5 best places to see in Halong Bay.

After seeing the list of Halong Bay must see, let check some activities must enjoy in Halong Bay, guys.

First of all, you can see that Halong Bay is not only spectacular destination for sightseeing, but also an ideal place for adventurous sports, such as climbing mountain, hiking, diving, swimming, taking part in kayaking, and especially, you should enjoy deeply experience through cycling in Halong Bay. You can feel the clearly quiet atmosphere as well as scenic on the beaches at Halong Bay, this is an ideal activity for people who want to explore the wild nature of the sea. And it will be more ideal when you combine those activities with a BBQ meal on the beach and see the sunset. It is too great to see a sunset in Halong Bay when the sun goes down and stains the sky in luminescent hues and creates dramatic silhouettes of karsts and mesmerizing reflection over the water. It is recommended that you should prepare a camera or a full battery smartphone to catch those great moments.

Next, we will show you some wonderful activities for the couple in Halong Bay. It will make you sweetheart feel full in happiness. You should book a Halong Bay Cruise packages tour if you want to enjoy completely your sweet trip with your sweetheart. Because you only enjoy it and do not think about cases will happen on your trip, the tourism agency will solve all of it. First of all, the activities that you can join together is swimming. Halong Bay is considered as a beautiful beach with clear and calm sea water. Therefore, it is an ideal place for you to have the relaxing time and good chance to enjoy the charming beauty beaches of Halong Bay, especially with your sweetheart! After swimming, you can take part in scuba diving. Scuba diving has been opened recently, but actually that to guaranteed tourist safety, it has some compulsory requirements for participants. And a small note for you that the most suitable period for scuba diving in Halong Bay is from April to December. During this time, the temperature is about 26 – 29 degrees, it is perfect to have a nice trip to discover the trip’s spectacular landscape underwater.

Taking part in many moving activities in morning and afternoon, let enjoy a romantic atmosphere with a special dinner by sweetheart’s side. Really, after an exciting day, there is nothing more relaxing and quiet than having dinner in a romantic and a little mysterious cave. A few cruises offer service on their trips, some others add this activity as one of their included activities while others make it an optional activity. Thus, you should consider carefully when you book packages. And finally, after dinner, let spend at least one night on board a boat. Although, the cost you have to pay for a night in cruise maybe expensive, try it at least one night. Believe in us, you will not regret this experience to admire the bay much closer up in a more special manner.

Thanks for your attention and hope you will have an amazing tour!