When it comes to comes to convert MP3 files to Midi there are several software tools which can help us. Some of them are offline and some of them are online. However, nowdays using an online converter are way more convienient and the prior reason is that there is no installation, its just your browser which does all the task. Besides, you are keeping the RAM free which can be used by offline mp3 to midi converter. You can use any browser to convert your mp file, as there are many popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and so on. So, for ease and quick conversion, here are some best online mp3 to midi converter which you can use.

Bear File Converter

It is one of the best website that will convert your Mp3 files into a portable MIDI file online. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free.  The process of converting a mp3 file into MIDI is not tough, especially when you are using Bear File Converter. You simply need to upload the file(Mp3) that you want to convert, and the site will proceed with convertion does the rest for you. It’s way too simple. After successful mp3 file conversion into midi, you will get the smallest file, which is another best advantage of Bear File converter.

Free File Convert

Here comes another excellent site to convert you mp3 to midi or even midi to mp3. The concept is simple, you just need to browse your file which can be mp3 or midi, and then choose the conversion type, rest will be done by site, which basically meant to be the conversion process of file. Once done, you can download it. It is totally free midi converter. When it comes to import the mp3 file for conversion on site, there are basically three option that you will be given. One initial option can be used when you have mp3 file on your system, or if you want to convert the file directly from the third party server, then all you need to do is, place the link of file and the site will take care of rest.

The third option is best for the time when you are not on you personal system, however you have uploaded the mp3 file on could server (google drive, dropbox) then here you go just login on could server and choose the file which you wanted to convert.


So, these are the best mp3 to midi converter which you can use and take advantage of. The best part of using these online converters is that, you don’t need to worry about if you are on your system or not, or about the download and installation issues of those converters, you just need a system and a working browser with your internet connection.


Convert Lite

Covert lite is one of the offline mp3 to midi converter which is specialized for converting variety of Audio files as well as Video files. And as the name specifies, convert Lite provides the conversion file into its best lightweight form. This applies to Mp3 to Midi conversion as well. When it comes to interface, this site has very simple interface, yet, the features are advanced. You can even batch convert your Mp3 files into midi. Although it is totally free to use and you don’t have to pay a single penny to convert you mp3 file into midi.