Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for sustainable development is required. Goal for education is the buzz around with the coming of the current government. Initiatives taken by the Government of India to focus on strengthening educational institutions, enhance use of digital technology, improving the quality of infrastructure, focusing on holistic development of the students at all the levels through “Khelo India”, are some of the schemes undertaken. To make proper strategy to accomplish the goal of inclusive development and growth of all the people in the society has been the current agenda of the government. From time to time government also gives subsidies and incentives to different companies to hire professionals to decrease the unemployment rate. To be employable, students also need to do some professional course which will make them compatible with the needs and wants of the competitive job market. Be it MNC’s or indigenous companies, all look out for professionals with MBA degree. Doing MBA is in itself a battle half won, as the curriculum and exposure provided by it is vast which will help the person, the organization and the nation to grow and develop. MBA program provides an edge over other courses as with it the students become an specialist a in his/her chosen field- be it marketing, HR, finance, information technology, international business or operations. It provides in-depth knowledge and from a generalist a student become a specialist.

Specialist in particular fields are needed as along with the knowledge they have better understanding, can analyze things in a better perspective and views put in by the students later at the professional level will certainly add to the growth and development of the company in which he/she is working. Simply doing MBA from any university or college will not help but from a reputed university will certainly do. Doing MBA from IIMT University will certainly benefit the student as the motto and mission of IIMT University is to educate the students and acquaint them with life skills and knowledge which will certainly help them in moving forward. And as people/ employees move forward, climb up the ladder of success the organization they are working with tend to experience the same. And as the organizations in an economy have an upward growth graph the nation as a whole grows, develop and improves. Pursuing MBA from IIMT University top private mba colleges in delhi ncr will provide an edge to the students with vast range of extra-curricular, co-curricular and academics activities.