Hairstyle always plays an important role in your personality. When someone spent of dollars of purchasing jeans and shirts to look handsome in the society so with hairstyle also need to a new look.

There are in the market many products for hair that keep your hair straight while some make your hair curly or silky. There is also the headband for woman & man which you have to put in your hair for a month then it will help you to straighten your hair.

Everyone in the society wants to look perfect with dressing and a perfect haircut that seems perfect on the face. So here below We are going to mention out the best five hairstyles for a man in the era of 2018.

Buzz Cut

Buzz haircut is the most popular haircut for a man in Europe and America. People love to keep their hair low because it’s quite easy to maintain and save too much time to stand in front of a mirror. If you are interested in buzz cut then simply said to your barber to do a number 1 buzz cut. It’s common in America in black men. It’s simple, Low and elegant look with the low beard.

Crew Cut

After the buzz cut, there is also another popular haircut for men is called crew cut. It’s also a Low kinda haircut which has an amazing trend in countries like France, the United Kingdom, and united states. In the haircut, the hair also keeps low with the sides of head shaved with the trimmer which gives an elegant look to a man. If you want to do crew cut then simply said to your barber do it but also said that try to keep hair not low enough.


The Most liked and popular almost every part of the world Pompadour. People just love to do Pompadour hairstyle to impress girls and look perfect with their friends. It is a traditional haircut for the man in which the length of hair is kept medium and it’s sides shaved with the trimmer. Furthermore, slick it back with wax or gel. The drawback is that you have to spend time and money on your hair to give a look of Pompadour, so it means it’s quite difficult to maintain your hair. If you want to go with Pompadour hairstyle then you have to grow your hair as much as you can for a better look.

Side Part

The Last one in our list is side part. It’s quite popular for the man in the age between 27 to 40-year persons. People who usually go to office love to do side partly because it gives a great look with the office clothes like jeans with the court. The side part is popular in Europe and also in South Asia. The side part can easily be done by divide your hair into two parts with the help of comb then simply pull your hair towards one side. It’s quite easy to maintain your hair while you are an office person.