Affordable Steels This 2018

Without a doubt, Steel is one of the best construction materials on the market. In the Philippines, Steel is unmatched when it comes to construction because it can give a structure that no other building material can. Contractors and Engineers are preferring to use steel because of the various advantages it can bring.

If you are planning to start your own construction project here in the Philippines, Steel would be a great fit for meeting the requirements you will set for the project. Knowing the types of steels can be beneficial for your project since using steel as a construction material ensures that the building can have higher resistance due to their strength. This article lists those kinds of steel from cheapest to most expensive which can help you in choosing which type of material you are going to use.

Here is the list of the best and affordable steel types that you can use for your next project:


Carbon Steels

 This type of steel can also include the High Carbon Steel and High Alloy steel, and they are the softest and cheapest type of steel in the market. Carbon Steel is soft enough to sharpen with a file which is a testament to its flexibility. You can use this if strength and hardness is not a part of your requirement and if you are going to use this as a material for tools, then you may want to choose a better grade of steel.

If you are aiming to just use this alongside hardwoods or plastics, then this is the best type of steel for you. Not only is it the most affordable but it is also reliable.


Stainless Steel

 Using stainless steel can bring you longer lasting cutting edges and it is great in tough applications. It has an increased corrosion resistance as compared to carbon or alloy steel. The most common applications you can use for this type of steel is for food handling/processing, medical instruments, hardware, appliances, and structural/architectural uses.


High-Speed Steel

 High Speed Steels are high-performance special steels and it offers a high hardness composition. It can remain strong at temperatures up to 500 °C because it contains alloying elements like tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium which are able to form carbides. The performance of this steel can be further improved in hot hardness by adding cobalt steel to its composition.

Cobalt Steel

 Cobalt Steel is a variation of high speed steel but it has a higher content of cobalt. Although similar to High Speed Steel, Cobalt is a step up from High Speed Steel because it offers better steel life. Cobalt is harder and more brittle and this makes it effective for rugged construction. These steel is also ideal for cutting tools because they have a high level of hardness that gives it a higher heat resistance.


Key Takeaway

In accordance to the application that you are seeking to complete and to the requirements of the project, choosing among the best and affordable steels will be a breeze. Just make sure that the steel type is the most suitable for your project to avoid any further mishaps.