A Financial Advisor is a person who will help you to achieve many financial goals and depending on your situation, it can be a great benefit. Your financial adviser should be a person with whom you should develop a relationship of faith and joint admiration.

This Expert can help you in many ways:

  • Assess your current financial situation, including your income, investments, insurance coverage, impact of taxes, employee benefits, your business status, as well as the need for wills and beneficiary designations.
  • Set goals that are ambitious and reasonable for your situation, such as saving for retirement or your children’s college.
  • Frequently evaluate changes in your personal circumstances (births, marriages, divorces, deaths) and make sure that these changes are taken into account.
  • Review the returns on your current investments and evaluate their impact on your retirement plan.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your financial goals.
  • Assist in the implementation of the plan, monitor success and adjust it based on changes in the market and their personal situation.

Financial Advisor in a company

A Financial Advisor like Dwayne Rettinger can add a valuable new perspective to your own point of view. If you do not feel that you need the help of a financial advisor now, something could happen in the future that requires it. For example, if you inherit a large fortune or have plans to sell your business and you are not sure how to handle the situation. The decisions you make now are fundamental to the long-term consequences.

Finally, if you decide to use a professional financial adviser, you have to find one who has experience in helping clients in your situation. There are many types of financial advisors; however, a financial adviser that is “fee only” is committed to work in the best interest of the clients they serve because their payment is not calculated based on commissions.

There is impartial advice that ensures that your financial life is in order and in accordance with your goals. For your protection, be sure to conduct an interview with your potential advisor and also review your education, work experience and credentials.

Find out what a financial advisor does, what he analyzes in a market study and where you can take a certified course

A financial advisor helps manage the economy of a person or company according to financial needs says Dwayne Rettinger in his recent interview at YoungUpStarts. How? Conducting a market study and analyzing all the details that have to do with an export or investment to determine in which market to enter and form a part or which is the best option when investing. Below, we tell you a little more about the functions of this professional.

What does the Financial Advisor analyze in a Market Study?

The financial advisor will be able to inform people about the legal basis of an investment, so they do not have obstacles when carrying out a specific action, be it buying a house or making an export. The analysis will be made based on an economic aspect (GDP, per capita income, interest rates, statistics, risks and economic stability, demographic and geographic data of the country, among others), and also according to the law (export licenses) , taxes, currency changes, tariffs, etc.).

The next step is to analyze the competition and its strategies to explore options. The financial advisor will gather all the necessary information to know the productivity and efficiency of the company and all the aspects that help him to understand his situation (volume, imports, clients, etc.).