Whether you are the newbie who recently joined sewing or shopping for the DIY project – selecting the fabric is a bit tricky especially when you are a beginner. If the material is not chosen carefully, your dress might turn into a useless piece of garment or whatever you wish to create from the fabric.

Therefore, to help you out, we decided to write a handy guide on selecting a different kind of fabrics. It’s simple to understand and will clear all your doubts. Before we begin about the materials, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while selecting the material.

  • Always check the color of fabric in natural light. Moreover, keep it close to your skin to see whether it suits or not.
  • Check the width of the fabric. They come in two or three average diameter, which is 60 inches (150 cm) and 45 inches (112.5 cm).
  • Drape means the hang of the fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to spread out up to few yards to see how much it drapes.

Now, here are the different kinds of fabric, which you can opt according to your preference.

1. Cotton

One of the absolute best fabrics is cotton. It is easy to work with like 100% cotton fabric is being closely woven. Moreover, one can work efficiently with this kind of material. Even while sewing it will not cause you trouble.

Cotton is a multipurpose fabric through which you can make anything. Bed sheets, dress, curtains or whatever you wish. Cotton is flexible and easy to maintain. But, remember, when you are buying cotton always buy more.

The drawback of cotton is it shrinks quickly as soon as you wash it for the first time. Ensure that you pre-shrink before sewing because if you don’t, after the first wash it will shrink to a smaller size.

2. Silk

One of the most loyal and lustrous fabrics which have been around since ancient times is Silk fabric. It is made from the cocoon of the mulberry moth. Silky, comfort, velvety and depicting elegant silk is everyone’s favorite choice. Flaunt yourself by draping silk. It is tad expensive and difficult to sew slips easily from hand.

3. Denim

Entire world loves denim. So it is, but apparently, you will be inspired to try out something from the fabric.  Denim arrives from the cotton fabric except it has been woven diagonally. The name denim came from “Serge de Nimes” which means in the city of “Nimes.”

Cutting denim is very hard when your tools are not that sharp. Moreover, you can sew the pieces of denim with the regular needles. You will need the needle made for the denim. They also fade quite easily that’s why you can wear jeans from it.

4. Linen

Linen is a soft material, which can be used mainly during hot weather. It looks casual and clean.  Additionally, the woven linen is pretty much natural to sew and comes in many varieties.

Did you know that linen is a natural fiber that comes from the flax plant? The same plant from which the flax seeds come. Linen also creates many creases because of which it is blended with cotton. Besides, linen is expensive.

5. Polyester

Polyester fabric turns out to be comfortable. Its simple to use washes well and does not require much special care. The amazing thing about this fabric is the dyes do not fade quickly. Often they are used in blend knits because of their excellent blend colors. Polyester does not crease at all.  One can also get a digital print with vibrant colors for a beautiful dress.

Polyester is handmade and durable. Therefore, when you are buying polyester, you will be relieved to see how much comfort the fabric provides.

6. Satin

Satin Fabric is gorgeous. It’s soft, silken smooth and glossy it looks. It is worth buying. But, as much as it seems sleek, it’s quite challenging to work with satin. It slips from one’s hand, and slide across the table does not stay much on the flat surface. Sewing two pieces of the fabric without letting it slip is one tricky task.

7. Rayon

Rayon goes well because it is super light but weights more than cotton. Also, it is made from the cellulose fiber which is from natural as well as synthetic. It’s soft and comfy. Perfect for the hot and humid weather. Another thing you need to keep in mind is rayon needs careful washing. If you wash it roughly, then it won’t stay long.

A wrong fabric will cause you a high gloss. But, keep these guidelines with you when you are going to shop for the fabric. It will become more accessible, quicker and saves time, energy, and money. Do you have any suggestions regarding other fabrics? Share your personal experience in the comment section and let us know! Happy Shopping!