One thing that has to be remembered about blogging is that it is a ongoing learning experience. While it is usually the beginners that make the majority of mistakes it is not uncommon for the experienced blogger to also have their fair share of errors. Being able to identify the potential mistakes allows one to be more prepared for them, but also to be able to identify them and correct them quickly.


The most important aspect concerning the actual content of your blog is that it is unique. Nobody reading a blog wants to read the same one just written a little differently over and over again. That doesn’t mean that you cannot use other blogs as resources to give you the ideas that you can expand upon for writing your own unique blog. It’s okay to take a news story and put a excerpt of it for example into your blog, but stopping there is where the biggest mistake is. What you want to do is expand upon this excerpt giving your angle about it as well as your opinion and perhaps what conclusions you have reached. At the same time also linking back to the entire news story is important.

If your content comes across as being copied you are immediately going to destroy your credibility. You need to develop your own writing style using original content which in turn builds up trust in your readers. It also avoids the possibility of you being charged with copyright issues. There is no problem with curating but your curation must be done properly. This means that you must put the content you are curating into quotes and making sure that the proper reference is given.


There are some legal issues that you must be aware of when blogging. You have to be aware of copyright as well as trademarks. You cannot make inflammatory remarks and should not be posting any illegal content. When you are researching material and identifying your research source make sure that you can rely on more than one source. Unless you are absolutely sure that the research source that you have relied on is 100% accurate.

Relying on the experts:

Another very common mistake that is made by new bloggers is the do-it-yourself approach. Many assume that they can just sit down and start writing a blog and it is going to be 100% perfect. Checking out what other expert bloggers have done to lead them to their success is going to be critically important to to your success.

Develop your own style:

It’s going to take a while for you to develop your own unique style but this is important to you as you are the individual that is writing. You can take pointers from other writing styles and combine needs to create your own uniqueness.

These are just a few of the common mistakes that you will first make as a new blogger but they are also mistakes that the experienced blogger may fall into if they are not keeping up with their own rules but they have sat for their blogging endeavors.