Avoid These Link Building Mistakes

When it comes to link building it is important to do things right from the very start. Reversing the damages caused by poor link building techniques is not only time consuming but it is also expensive. When you are hiring your link building services make sure the strategies used by your service provider are free from these mistakes so that your website does not get a bad rap.

  • Not having a large scheme before starting

    When you want to build links for your website it is essential to have a complete blueprint of how you are planning to accumulate your links. Instead of working towards the bigger picture if you are going to take some random efforts that are not geared towards a larger scheme your efforts will turn to be futile. When you approach your SEO link building services ask them to give you their complete plan. It proves to be more useful to go for complete link building packages rather than going for individual link building strategies. Sign up with a company only when they have a convincing link building plan for your website.


  • Using just a single link building technique

    No matter how effective the SEO link building services you use are is it is not going to be all that useful if you are going to stick to just a single strategy. In the real-life scenario links to a website will come from multiple sources and not just from a single platform. It is important to use link building strategies that are close to natural link growth process if you do not want the search engines to look at your website with suspicion.


  • Not focusing on authority sites

    Customers with limited understanding on link building are often happy to use link building services that assure plenty of links for their website. What they do not understand is that not all links do not count the same. It is not the quantity but the quality of the links matters the most. Get your links from authority sites and even if it just a few links you will still be able to enjoy maximum benefits from those links rather than having a hundred links from sites with no search engine significance.


  • Getting links using the same keywords

    It used to be an old link building practice to use the same hypertext or the same set of keywords as the link text. If you are continuing to use the same method then it is important that you stay away from such practices. Try to bring in variations to your linking text and the keywords. Search engines have advanced algorithms to understand your keywords and they can make the right associations between the variations. On the other hand, if you use the same keyword over and over, you are likely to be penalized by the search engines. All your efforts will prove to be counterproductive.

Stay away from the above link building mistakes and enjoy better ranking in Google.