Before talking about whether Avatar is an anime or not first, let us understand what exactly an anime is. Anime is a Japanese style of Film and Television animation watched by children as well as adults. Anime is very popular in the world and is highly watched globally. The reason why anime is so popular is the kind of animation they use and their vibrant characters. People across the world enjoy watching them very much.

Is Avatar an 9anime or not?? Well, there still has an ambiguity in it. Some call avatar an anime and some does not. Avatar had all the Japanese looking characters but was made in America. Some call it an anime and some say it was an American Cartoon animation series. The Avatar was a series that was a combination of anime with American cartoon.



Is Avatar an anime – Reddit

 If we go to Reddit and go through the discussions on this topic, then again there is a substance of ambiguity that can be seen there as well. People are confused as if Avatar is an anime or just a regular American Cartoon.

If a cartoon has to be an anime, the first and foremost thing is that it should be originated from Japan because only if a cartoon’s origin is Japan, you can call it an anime. Actually speaking, it depends upon the definition of Anime. If you define anime as Japanese animation then avatar is not an anime. If we define anime as the Computer Animation then yes, Avatar is an anime and if we define anime as a specific style of animation then the ambiguity rises again. Before deciding if Avatar is an anime or not, we must define anime in our minds first.



Avatar is not anime

 As said earlier, the avatar is not considered an anime by most of the people as the cartoon series was developed in America. It was dubbed in English and not in Japanese at the first place which also makes it an American Cartoon. Also, since anime is actually a Japanese style of animation, you cannot call Avatar an anime at all. Though the characters have taken in the series have been given a look like that of the Japanese characters, but apart from that, everything in Avatar looks Americanized.

One of the biggest reasons for Avatar not being an anime is the fact that it has been written by an American writer and even the art director is American. We can definitely say that Avatar is inspired by the Japanese Animation but surely it is not an anime.

Is Avatar: The Last Airbender Japanese?

  Since the origin of this animated series is not Japan but America, it is clearly apparent that Is Avatar: The Last Airbender is not Japanese. It was inspired by anime so that it could attain the popularity like that of anime and it attained the same popularity as well. The series was a great combination of Japanese anime and American cartoon. Avatar: The Last Airbender became hugely popular across the world and all the 61 episodes that were released became hugely popular not only in America but in other countries as well.

American Anime

There is nothing called as American anime because the term ‘anime’ is specifically used for the Japanese style of animation and is originated, developed and written in Japan only. Though it is dubbed in several other languages for the people from the rest of the world to understand, the original language in which it is made remains Japanese only.

There are many American cartoons which you will think as anime but are actually not. By looking at the popularity of anime worldwide, Americans have made several cartoons which have been inspired by anime but are actually totally American. The vibrant characters and the colorful themes of the anime were used in the American Cartoons that was liked by many.

Where was the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” made?

 It was dubbed in American English, unlike the anime which are made in the Japanese language. Although by looking at the series, it seems that it was made and developed in Japan and is an anime but the fact is, it is made in America and is inspired by anime to as anime is extremely popular in the world. The fact that it was written and directed in the US only, makes it totally an American cartoon and not a Japanese anime.

Avatar anime style

The style of Avatar: The Last Airbender has been inspired by anime to make it popular amongst the Asian people as anime is very popular in Asia and sub-continent. The characters have been written and developed in such a way that they resemble the anime characters and looks totally inspired by them.