We all have experienced gaming on PlayStation and every next generation is better than the previous, with so much competition in consoles and PC having a great market share, PlayStation consoles still manages to cover the market, even though PlayStation 3 was released in 2006 it is still seen on many online shopping stores. People still prefers to buy the PlayStation consoles because it is easier to manage than a PC and you can simply plug and play which isfar more convenient than a PC.

PlayStation 3 had a bumpy ride during its first year after its release, it had a direct competitor (Xbox 360) but PS3 proved itself as a great gaming machine. The reason people still buy PlayStation 3 is: there is a lot of variety in games, it super-fast hardware that enhances the graphics and audio in order to give a better gaming experience and last but not least, it has a built-in Blu-ray.


If you are considering to buy a PlayStation 3, you must know the different versions of it, we will help you and give you all the information needed to buy the best PS3.
PlayStation 3 comes in two versions, there are no major differences in both apart from its hard drive. If you are low on budget you should go for 160GB while 320GB is also available which a little pricey. You might think 160GB or 320GB is more than enough but believe me once you login to your PlayStation Store and start downloading games directly to your hard drive, you will need more space than this or you just have to clean-up your hard drive to download new games and if you don’t want to delete your games, you always have an option of going for external hard drive, PlayStation 3 is compatible to external drives.

Both of the version comes with following accessories and built-in hardware:

  • Slim system (PlayStation)
  • A built-in player (Blu-ray)
  • Wi-fi for connectivity
  • Wireless controller
  • Power cord
  • AV cable
  • A USB cable
  • Some might have HDMI cable as well

Fat Vs Slim

Well, this is tough to decide if you are new consoles, some prefer the light weighted slim PlayStation and other may go for fat one. The fact that there are only minor differences between both, usually fat is preferred for a better gaming experience because the slim version sometimes has heating up problem with ruins the gameplay whereas the fat version has be used for long hours without any problem. The original version is slim version of PS3 so if you are least bothered about the original version you might want to go for the fat version. My experience with the fat version of PS3 games are amazing and I still love it!

PlayStation 3 is an amazing console but with the coming of new versions people might not prefer it but it still has a lot to it, there are tons of games you can still play on PS3 without any problem if you are not a graphics concerned person and straightly want to play games during your idle time. It has an amazing controller and gaming experience one could ask for.

Soon we will be coming up with PS4 review, so stay tuned and don’t forget to share your experience with us.